Monday, December 24, 2012

CH142: Merry ChRITZmas

Christmas is arriving soon here in lah-lah land.
I am surprised every time Christmas comes as soon it will be the new year ushering itself in. Time really flies. Last year I was celebrating the holidays in New Zealand, and here I am now in Singapore coming from a month long stay in the US with my family...and soon, I will have been 2 years here in Singapore!

I couldn't go home this Christmas knowing I don't have enough leave and any more unpaid leaves will not be approved by my manager. So, to make up for it, CP has proposed a couple of weeks back to go on a stay-cation. Since we both don't have enough leaves, will be checking in late - around 4-5pm today.

Initially, we were planning to book for the Fullerton - but it was pricier since the only rooms they had available were club rooms. So, after calling around, we decided to get rooms at the Ritz Carlton instead (Mandarin @ Millenia Walk took forever to send out its quotation). And, for Christmas lunch, we will be heading off to Marina Bay Sands Rise for their Christmas Lunch!

Lots of firsts!

Just checked in to the Ritz under a pretense that its CP and I's 3rd year anniversary when its just our 3rd monthsary.