Saturday, December 8, 2012

CH141: Sky Dive

I don't think I've written enough of the experiences I've had in the US...
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For a month long stay, I don't think 4 entries is really enough. So, here's another one. :-) An edited video from when I went skydiving! The whole video is also uploaded in my youtube account specifically meant to host these kinds of thrill adventure videos.

I edited the video because i found it a bit tacky that i should be interviewed early on. I also found the voice of the man taking the video a bit annoying. I also  found that I didn't like them putting like a 1 minute ad of Skydive San Diego in a video I paid for. They should have provided a discount given they put that video plug in!

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did the experience. It was completely and utterly surreal and beyond words. But, like I said in my facebook album with the pictures, bungy involves more courage to overcome your fear of heights. Skydive is more about whether or not you have the money to go through with the experience - as you only need to have faith that the instructor and everything else will not fail. More trust than conquering a fear....unless of course you have a fear of trusting other people.

And because I mentioned bungy, I remembered I shared the videos and pictures from last year!
Pictures - ch55-bungyyyy
Video - ch55-2-bungy-video

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