Wednesday, December 26, 2012

CH143: Ritz, Rise, Etc

Such a wonderful Christmas spending it with a special someone. Well, spending Christmas with your family and friends is special, but to be able to celebrate with just someone close to your heart is a totally different experience.

As was mentioned in the previous entry CH142: Merry ChRITZmas, CP and I checked in to the Ritz Carlton Singapore to have a stay-cation. It was a very wonderful experience. I am not going into the details of it, but to say the least, we were stuffed. More so when we had our Christmas lunch buffet in Marina Bay Sand's Rise.

Exchange of presents was also super fun! Since we were celebrating two different traditions, we had two gift openings. One for Christmas eve and the other on Christmas brunch.

I wanted to tone down my splurge on gift buying considering the damage the US vacation has wrought on my savings. But, it was hard to get out of the gift giving spirit. I got CP a bluetooth speaker for his pad, a new watch he can use casually and both looking chic enough for work as well as a quirky bookcase looking clock.

CP on the other hand gave me a new Armani belt, an iPad Mini and a case for the ipad.

PS: As was said in the previous post, we checked in under the pretense that it was our 3rd year anniversary when it was just our 3rd month. And it backfired in some way. Aside from getting a whole bottle of Moet, a box of chocolate and a very exquisite chocolate cake, we also got a certificate printed out by the staff of the Ritz. To say the least it was very special and thoughtful for the staff to do what they did - except for the fact that we were called Mr. and Mrs. P. hahaha


ipad mini from CP

candid shot by CP on my last dessert plate (so full!!!) and also several glasses of Chardonnay house pours. The Christmas spread they put out was amazing! Super delicious and worth the money (especially the wine). We played in the Casino after and ... hehehe lost some

partial view at day. it was nice just laying in the king size bed and seeing the buildings just light up one by one . it was also nice waking up to the view. :-)

some choir doing some christmas carols on the eve of christmas.

view from the bathtub 1
view from the bathtub 2