Friday, November 30, 2012

CH138: Swept Away

It feels weird to be typing this entry in the room I'm actually paying for to live in. Quite frankly, tonight will be the first night since I got back that I can actually get to sleep in my own place. Since I arrived last Monday, around 330 am SGT. I've been swept away.

CP pulled a prank on me during my stopover in Narita. I was supposed to have a call with CP to use up the top up I put in the prepaid SIM I bought.

CP: "Just in cinema now [...] as rainy here, seeing twilight again...will nip out for toilet in bit :) [...] xxx"
Me: "That's too bad your friend won't be able to see universal...pft twilight. Okay, tell me when to call. [...] xoxo"

After 40 minutes.

Me: "Nevermind :-/ I'm boarding now. Enjoy the movie. xoxo"
CP: "Ah baby, I'm so sorry...[...] xxxx"

I was of course fuming/disappointed as I boarded the plane. I was even sulking during the first hour or two. I calmed down when they served drinks and I got myself a Riesling. Immersing myself in the very extensive in-flight entertainment of Singapore Airlines did help...and a Chardonnay to go with my meal next.

Fast Forward:
As I walked to head straight to the taxi queue after I got my bags, someone to my left started waving at me. And my initial reaction was "WUT? Wait. Ah, is this happening?"

It was CP.

With all the things I had in mind to tell CP after the Narita incident, I was speechless. No words necessary, as a long embrace ensued. And after I managed to get back to reality, all I could say was "You're here. You're really here."

I was swept away.
I was swept away from the airport straight to - CP's place - with all my luggage and carry-ons.

And now, I'm back in my own place just being chill, typing this entry while waiting for episodes of Homeland, Glee, Survivor Philippines and The Big Bang Theory to finish downloading. Tomorrow, we will be on a half-day at work - work in the morning, Sentosa in the afternoon to have food, alcohol and socialize.

CP is in Thailand right now.
I fly off Saturday.

I'll be swept away again from a reality I just got back to. But there is no place I'd rather be.

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