Friday, January 20, 2012

[Review] Homeland

Since hearing and reading about Homeland's win in the recent Golden Globes - and seeing some of my friends in facebook rave about it - I decided the other night to download the series. The whole of season 1. Episodes 1-12.

And to tell you honestly, I watched 8 episodes straight! Each episode averages about 53 minutes (inclusive of the recaps, intros, etc). It's so engaging and riveting. It's like getting mind-fucked. I have to correct myself though for saying that it's something similar to 24, because it's not. 24 did not captivate me as much as Homeland did. And 24 is mostly action and suspense. Homeland is more drama-thriller-suspense.

The premise of the story (no spoilers here) is when Carrie (Claire Danes) hears a tip from an informant about to be executed in Iraq. The message was simply "An American POW has been burned." And that sets off the series. I'm usually pretty good with predicting the outcome of series or at least the direction where it is generally headed, but after episode 8 - WOW. There's been a lot of "I didn't see that coming!" reaction from me. Or maybe I'm just generalizing the "good with predicting the outcome" based on Filipino series. Haha.

But seriously, you're in for a fun ride by watching this. I couldn't stand to wait for office hours to get over so I can finish the remaining four episodes - so I decided to, uhm, read the episode recaps for the remaining episodes.

Although, I can't say for sure that they're entirely deserving of the awards they got last Golden Globes - as I've not seen the other nominees, for sure, you won't be disappointed with Homeland. It's the same reaction I got from watching True Blood. The first time I watched True Blood Season 1 - I watched the whole first season straight - nevermind I had work the following day. Go watch it!

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