Friday, January 27, 2012

CH58: Mistaken

What started out as a (self) glorification (lol) on my efforts to lose weight turned nasty. Insulting.

Someone: Hey, how much do you charge for modeling assignments?
Me: (?) LOL. I'm not a model. Is this some kind of joke?
Someone: $500 SGD
Me: I'm sorry but I'm not PR or local and it's not within my employment pass to find another work.
Someone: blah blah blah (fishing for information)
Me: (this is dubious)
Someone: How about I pay you $600 SGD for sex?
Me: Excuse me?
Someone: $600 SGD
Me: I'm not a prostitute. Please.
Someone: Wasted. $600 SGD.
Me: (rolls eyes then exits)


Do I look like a money boy? Fuck you.


  1. Hindi ba pwedeng ireport yan sa Singapore police?

  2. Hassle p mag report. And I dont know which grounds.