Friday, January 27, 2012

CH57: Skincare

I've never been into skin care regimen - until I spent some time here in SG.

I'm lucky to have a very low acne incidence rate. Or maybe that pertains more to "oily", "non-oily", whatever skin. I don't know. I've never really bothered to check what my facial skin type is. I always assumed/thought that I belonged in the oily group.

There was a time in college when I read somewhere that a Filipino celebrity did not use any facial wash and only used water. So, when I ran out of wash, I decided to try only water. It lasted for about a year, until I was once again caught up in marketing advertisements. And, trust me when I say it feels different when you only wash with water (negative). But since I was in UP, going about different buildings for classes, well, you tend to forget about the vanities in life and focus more on your studies. So at some point, with some TV ads and fad, I got caught back into mainstream and started using facial washes.

Fast forward to SG.

My friend from the office while we were in Tampines Mall mentioned and raved about Kiehl's. One time, when I had a pimple, I over-reacted and decided "I think it's about time I start a skin care regimen of some kind to prevent another pimple from popping out." Long story short - when I happened by the mall, I splurged on a set. I didn't know then that the regimen was to use a facial wash, then a toner and a moisturizer. Well, the sales lady was able to convince me that I needed the set. And since they had a special offer membership something for a minimum amount spent, I decided to purchase the set - because of the membership. I'm such a sucker for those things - ever the person to hardly say NO. (I should probably work on that. Even in work, life or in general - it's so hard for me to say NO.)

To cut the Kiehl's story short, I had a pimple breakout! Hmmm, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I had 2-3 pimples I think that broke out when I was into doing the regimen as recommended by the sales lady (by the way, Kiehl's sales people wear some sort of lab gown - where I first assumed qualified them to be intelligent - as in the pharmacist kind or at least trained - but later on I figured it's part of their marketing). I think they sprouted out after my vacation in Krabi Thailand. So I stopped it since I figured it must not be compatible with my skin or something like that.

I stopped that regimen but still used their wash. Until, I left the wash I was using in a hotel we stayed in New Zealand. (I gave away the unfinished ones - non wash)

I am now back to some sort of regimen after buying a set from LabSeries. On the plane back to Singapore from NZ, I was reading Men's Health Singapore and happened upon a recommendation on what the LabSeries' BB Tinted Moisturizer. They said it was revolutionary. (I only learned about the BB fad in Korea after researching what the BB meant in this product)

Well, once again I got caught up in hype and figured I must try it for myself. Just to say I did (try). My desire to get it was fueled more when I went to a store and they told me they're out of stock and the other department stores carrying them were out of stock too. Considering that it costs $72sgd for such a small amount, well, it enticed me even more to try and see how it can be out of stock so soon given that it was only released November last year I think.

When I found a LabSeries outlet in Robinson's @ Centerpoint Orchard, well, I was only supposed to buy the moisturizer and wash BUT then they tell me that they have this membership card where you get a stamp each for a 60 dollar purchase (i had about 113 i think so far then so "medyo sayang yung kulang na 7 to get another stamp). AND they tell me that if you spend 150 you get a free gift set. So, yes, I gave in and spent $170sgd on the three items.

The items I bought were the three on the right. The free gift set are the two on the left, plus a 50ml version of the facial wash in the middle.

Justification. The reason I think why I felt (or started feeling) more compelled to actually invest in these items is the peer pressure here in SG. For me (as in my personal opinion),  in a first world country - then I should live by their standards? It's part of being competitive.

And, I think, it's better to think of it as prevention rather than maintenance and correction - given I have my vice(s). :) Plus, who doesn't want "artista" looking skin. So yes, SG has made me more vain. But, I don't see myself succumbing to such taxing regimen. I already have a regimen I seriously follow - but that's for my teeth. Brush+Floss+Rinse&Gargle (floss once a day before going to bed). And, I get bored by such cumbersome routines they start to feel like chores.

Verdict. So far so good. I have to wait and see if it makes any difference. The water lotion (right most in pic) got poor reviews online. Some called it expensive water put in a bottle. BUT, it's light on the skin and does not seem to have any alcohol in it like other toner(s) (the one i used from Kielh's) and it also functions as a moisturizer.

It felt weird having to blog about this one. But it's such a big investment IMO that I need to put this into writing. 

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