Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CH56: Bad Luck

Despite being a non-believer (prior to 2012) of predictions, horoscopes and whatnot, it seems I might be turning over a new leaf to someone who does.

Last Saturday, during a company sponsored Amazing-race-like-event, there were banners on the different Chinese Zodiacs and their predictions for 2012. I was born '86, thus a tiger.

The prediction goes: "This may not be the best year for you, but as a tiger, you have the courage and ability to fight off all the challenges. It could also be a good time to exercise self-control to plot your course more wisely. Take the chance to slow down and relax yourself in the process. The tranquility and peace will benefit you in due course."

For some reason, well it hit the mark for me. I've been losing sleep since coming back from New Zealand last January 3 - aside from jetlag (and 9gag) - due to obsessive thinking on what step to take next pertaining to my career.

Yesterday, I took another MC. Last week I took an MC because of problems in the nether region harhar. But yesterday, well, I had headaches and was nauseous. The doctor questioned me and I eventually fessed up that I've been losing sleep stressing over not getting stressed enough in work. Not getting stressed as well as not getting as much learning as I had hoped to. I should be happy, as some people told me, that the work is not at all stressful - that I should just wait for the work to start pouring in. And that I should enjoy the relative calm and focus on other things. But my gut feel is telling me that it's time to bail and look for better opportunities to leverage on my youth and maximize the experience. But, I digress.

Yesterday as well, after going out for a late night swim to help tire myself out to sleep, I accidentally left my watch and goggles by the pool when I took a shower by the pool. I totally forgot about them and only remembered when I was about to go out for work earlier. I needed to wear my good watch and remembered I left it by the pool. When I went down to get it, well, only the goggles were left. I wasn't all depressed about it though. In retrospect, I would have been crushed and depressed, but my mood is more like "c'est la vie. " It's quite sentimental since it was a gift from my brother. It's automatic or something - I forget the term but since getting it 5-6 years back (or maybe 7 - I forget), I never had a need to have the batteries replaced. It's also not the winding type to adjust the time, you just need to select the timezone and it adjusts itself. G-shock - casio. I tried to look at the net to find how much it costs as well as think of buying one, but can't find it in Casio's site. They must have stopped the production because of all the releases of G-shocks they're rolling out.

I almost forgot about the prediction I read last Saturday, but after the work related stress - or the lack of it causing stress and the watch I lost - presumably because of thinking too much about career decisions, I think I might need to get a charm/amulet from a Feng Shui shop here to ward off any bad vibes.

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