Sunday, May 4, 2008

CH01: Cutting Down...

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on unnecessary expenses.

NO. I haven't gotten my pay yet ($$$). And -
NO. I haven't any plans what to do with them yet.
Although, I did think about getting myself a heater - or something - or probably a new phone - or something - or perhaps a couple more slacks and polos - or something ....

-Hahaha - 
talk about cutting down.

Aside from cutting down unnecessary expenses - I think I should try cutting down on other things like:
1) Unnecessary wishes/dreams that are materialistic by nature. Which, we should be reminded, a fire is no fire without something to keep it going. And, for my part, materialism is such a drag.

2) I will now try to regulate upsizing my fries and drink at whatever fastfood chain. For, like....I don't know how long - it has become imperative that when I order a meal - I get the upsize. I mean, why allow the possibility of shortage - when you can guarantee satisfaction.

3) On carbonated drinks.

I guess, that's all that I have in mind for now. Although, I must praise myself for managing to cut down on using the car. Hahaha. I would like to believe that I no longer am, car-dependent! Well, it is inevitable.

But, I can't promise it will last until whenever. I promised myself that when we move to mckinley - I will start bringing the car (only during the asia accounts) - and hopefully by then --- I will be driving a car/? (hehehe. it's still a secret) that runs on diesel.


On to other things. Just today, I experienced my first gym experiences. I think I should research about the equipments on the net. I don't know what some of the things are for and how to use them. I don't want to injure myself fore the sole reason of not being aware. (I think it's a stupid reason)...So, the only thing I made the most out of ---is the threadmill. I ran 5km speed of 6. It didnt have any units so....6....I was in a running/jogging pace though.


I accompanied my parents to go see the manila ocean park. Not much to talk about. I was never really a fun. I enjoy the interactive shows. Like dolphin or whale shows...I think looking at over-sized aquariums is boring. Although, I made the most out of it by just taking pictures (i havent seen them yet...later I will). So, if I were to rate the place, I'd give it 1/5 stars. Ocean park at hongkong gets about 4 (the amusement park/thrill rides are inclusive with the pay). Guam Underwater Aquarium (?) gets about 4 as well. The underwater tunnel for both were longer than the one we have.

What I didn't like about the manila ocean park - is the lack of airconditioning. It's pretty evident. "Pagpapawisan ka talaga." I don't think the equipments were able to cope with the amount of people. Also, the place, when you get there - feels totally unfinished. It's like...hmm...unfinished. I'm guessing - they needed to get a source of income to source what's left of the construction.

Also. I think their ticketing queue is pretty shitty. They had 4 cashiers. But, only certain cashiers could be allowed for this and that transaction. So, the progression was pretty slow. Well, we were going for a discounted lane (horray senior citizens! - more on this later).

But, if it's a place to bring kids - I think, they will appreciate the place.

To be honest, I think, it got that rating, because to me, it was such a let down. Having seen ocean park hongkong - and the underwater aquarium in guam - I was expecting so much.


My dad got his senior citizen card =) . Yesterday, when my parent and I went to trinoma to watch a movie (forbidden kingdom - No, not iron man - I watched it ahead) the lines were so long...luckily...those with senior citizen cards get special treatment.

In front of the line.



On BigOli. I was thinking, from the outside that it will be some sort of fine dining. nope. Hahaha. Another let down. When I got food. And when I saw the menu...I was"mura". They had pasta which cost about 135 for large serving and 80 something for regular. The prices were not steep. All in all...I would say...if you're with a big group. Yes, this is a good place to go. But - don't expect the food to WOW you. It's ordinary.

Another analogy.
The dinner we had there - for three people - cost less than the breakfast we had (for three people) at banapple.
In terms of satisfaction - by more than a mile - banapple gets the two thumbs up.
From here, you can formulate a relationship between cost and satisfaction (for food):
^cost = ^satisfaction.




I should start cutting down my expectations on things.

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