Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CH00: Moving up

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I've officially been evicted....

from the second floor that is! hahaha
I am no officially back in my own room. At the third floor. Where, when it's hot outside, it's gonna be hot as well inside.
Thank God for airconditioners =)

Thanks to my mom for moving my things up for me. =)


Not much updates the past few days. Work has started for me. Well, training, that is. Im not going to talk too much about it though.
So anyway.


I just realized, on my commute back home that...last school ay 07-08.
I never commuted to school! Yey! Hahaha. Or not.
Back then, even though I had like coding on wednesdays, I just find ways to avoid having to commute. Well, it was mostly due to the fact that I was bringing my laptop with me. (Hold on there, I am trying to build up a case here). 190 and 198 reasons
So maybe, I just had 1 or 2 commutes...or...nevermind...the point being is that I rarely rode public transpo. You can actually count it with your fingers.


So going to work - HP makati. I am re learning the ways of public commutes. Like the MRT, bus, and jeepneys.
I did try to continue living the way I used to - bringing the car in all -'s financial suicide.
Parking fee cost me 145 pesos! Plus talk about the gas spent.

1st day - I got lost. A friend told me that there is a jeepney that travels along ayala ave....And I rode on the wrong jeepney which traveled through buendia. I had to get off at RCBC and walk my way to HP. Thank God I was early.

2nd day - brought the car....I talked to my mom before about...since now I have work, my allowance will have to bloat as well. I told her that I would reserve 500pesos/day for my daily allowance...compared to 250 back in college. Well, if I was bringing a car, that would be the case....and I don't want to have to rely on my parents to carry my burden just because I want to live and work luxuriously. Haha.

3rd day - i rode a jeepney near the ayala station. the ayala loop it said. I was thinking like...Okay....the ayala loop...ayala would have dictated that it would go through ayala. Hahaha. WRONG. Since the jeep was air conditioned, the windows were tinted. And I missed the place I would needed to get off at (this phrase sounds perverse). So I went off at Greenbelt 3 and walked my way to HP.

By now, I was thinking, odds are against me. Maybe I should just bring the car instead.

4th day - I decided to commute since it was monday and all. I was totally shocked when I got to the north station. The line extended till edsa!!!! I was thinking. OMFG. What will happen now? I don't  want to be late...blah blah blah. So I tried to ride a taxi. Hirap mag hanap along edsa! SO i had to walk to WEST ave....PUTEK. DESPAIR!!!! This commute has got to end. So I decided (it was already 830 then. I had an ITO onboarding at 10) go back home....and took the car to the office instead.

5th day - I was needed at the office by 7....I asked a friend how exactly do I get to HP via MRT. And he told me that I could just ride a bus that goes through ayala. Go down at buendia station...a little walk...and there. Airconditioned bus waiting. Commute problem solved. No more getting lost. hahaha.

A change in my way of life.
I think, I will have to just swallow the commute pill no matter how bitter (it still feels now) it is...Walang papayat kung walang hirap.

I also got the HP laptop. A backpack was given with it. PERO. Ang hirap mag commute with a backpack!!!! Plus mabigat pa and pawis talaga likod mo. So my work around for that problem (PS: mahirap din mag mrt pag punuan - which is usually the case - kasi baka madukutan pa or what...and hassle sa ibang tao kasi bulky) is to buy a shoulder laptop bag.

CRUMPLER! Super comfortable.

I make it a point to walk from the office to the MRT station. I want to get fit. =) Or pwede rin because I still don't know how to get there via public transpo =p

If the Hp site moves to mckinley - which will. I would most likely bring a car. =)

I am not so thrilled with graduation....It's like...How can you be happy when you have already moved on to another chapter.
Would you be happy to learn how to walk if you've already learned how to run? <- hahaha. walang sense. na gusto ko sana meron.

I feel so poor. Sana sweldo na...

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