Sunday, April 13, 2008


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I think i'm becoming boring...........(continued at *)

I didnt want to spend my birthday partying.
I just wanted to stay up late (as in i slept about 730 am on my birthday playing DS). Woke up at about 345 pm.
Spent time watching television.
At about 5pm I decided to get ready to go to landmark to get some grocery.
Then met up with norman rose and raffy at trinoma.
Bought dinner pakain for people stopping over at our house.
Bought KK 'donuts' for breakfast.

Then when everyone arrived and settled in at our place

We watched....


HAHAHAHAHA! Sobrang nakakatakot! As in sa lebel ng 1408! Although the film is more of a psychological horror than 'gulat' horror.
Grabe! Well, hirap din kami ilipat yung speakers ng desktop achieve the surround sound effect with subwoofer pa (which reminds me...i better hook it up again) since sa kwarto ko naman kami nanuod. hahaha. SIGAW KUNG SIGAW! TILI KUNG TILI! Hahaha! Ang daming beses na nagtitilian sila rose and a.lo at ako napapasigaw na rin pati si raffy and norman. Parang pasahan ng takot...Parang yung game na ipapasa yung bola around and dapat di ka maabutan ng "stop music". Parang ganun. Pasahan ng takot hahaha.

I recommend you people go watch it....IF IT WILL BE SHOWN HERE.

It's a spanish film. we were watching it with subtitles. worth it.

Then di na ako nakatulog dahil...

* (continuation) NOT!

We were waking up early to get to puerto!

By the way, I wanted to do a BORAT with the not joke hahaha. Another film you should go to see. Very very very funny. Not joke funny. But idiotic silliness funny.

Nah, I was just kidding about becoming boring. I know myself well enough not to become something like that.

So....for puerto pics. (go visit my multiply) nakakapagod i kwento kung pwede mag ala photo blog nalang hehehe.
3 days. well...2 nalang pala.

2 days....

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