Friday, April 11, 2008

moving on....

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ive been hearing things about people who are working....


actually, it's not actually just hearing. a lot of people ive seen who were fit back in college have gained a couple or so pounds/kgs. my body's aching.


last night, since i wanted to avoid that getting fat due to work syndrome...
i decided try getting fit as early as umm. last night.

the solution i thought of....
recall: after 1 years of rotc...and about  half sem of commuting...i lost a lot of pounds.

i did some of the work outs we were doing for rotc last night!

and now my neck's a little sore and i think napilayan yung toe ko hahaha. and my body's a little sore as well.
the muscle(s) around my diaphragm area's a little sore. (that should give you a hint)


No pain no gain.

PS: this event(s) -- been doing it for the past 2 nights -- was premeditated hehehe. off to puerto again tomorrow! =p

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