Wednesday, April 2, 2008


[migrated from livejournal]

Time has a way of healing, so they say
So why am I still left here cryin'
Caught in these ways of emotion as people stare
I find there's no real place for me to hide
Well I've been trying in vain
Was only fooling myself
With each passing day
The pain still stays the same

the important thing is that I've made it.
5 long grueling years.
Everything is finally over.

Thank You for everyone who has been there for me.
A big thank you to everyone who I have gotten to know.
And, no, this is not some sort of eulogy.

That's what has been.

Next chapter please.

The next important thing is that I have tried my best

I was never really expecting anything.
Just hoping everything falls into its proper place

College is finally over. =)

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