Friday, May 16, 2008

CH04: I'm in love...=)

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I'm sorry for the things I said the last time.
I was a man who lost faith.
But, this morning, my love for you has been rekindled.

I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you....


I left the house the other day at 630am.
I got to the office around 735am.

<at na depress naman ako kasi ibig sabihin kung ganun parati - eh di kelangan ko pa mas gumising ng maaga at mas umalis ng maaga.>

I was not only depressed due to the above mentioned. I was also depressed because I felt I would lose control of my own time...I was depressed that I would have to hand over control to public transpo. For someone who hasn't commuted as religiously as I have the past (1 month - yey! It's already been a month at work) 4 years...thanks to learning how to drive....well...that was a little hard to take for me.

So I contemplated last night on my way home. =) I rode a bus instead. MRT has scorned me. "that bitch!" haha.


as of writing (brimming with self delight)
I left the house today at 630am.
I got to the office around 7-705am.
Thank God <tinamad ako> to commute because my legs were a little sore from badminton the other day.

I love you EDSA@630. I love you. 

Although, I have to say that's your only incarnation that I admire.

PS: Don't betray me.

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