Saturday, May 10, 2008

CH02: I killed someone...

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that was the bomb that rocked my world two days ago...
xoxo - Gossip Girl. True to it's campaign "OMFG." Very very true. Though - I'd stick to just saying OMG.

I won't be spilling too much details. But...MEHN! Shet! I never expected that!! I was thinking that perhaps it was only a sex scandal or whatnot...But COME ON?!


My first pay slip! Yey! 

I still haven't decided what to get myself though.
Isn't it like some sort of tradition to get yourself something really really nice and expensive on your first pay?
Well, whatever. Come what may. I'm just happy right now....too happy to not touch the money. hahaha.
Nope - no "libre" hehehehe.

On Work.
-Still, a little dose of anxiety. I'm not yet sure of the expectations set upon us. I mean, expectations in terms of how fast we can learn everything. Everything in terms of managing the tickets and resolving them. SLAs mehn!

-And - hahaha. But what I'm loving about things though is the relatively stress-free experience I'm still having. Although, I don't expect it to last long, after all - board reviews are coming up. I almost forgot about it. =)


Just a thought that came to mind - Maybe I could use my first pay for cosmetic surgery. Hahaha. Fat Fat Bye Bye.

Just kidding. Diet pills instead. Hahahahaha. joke.

Money is too important to spend on vanity =) excessive vanity =).


Don't look too high up. You might end up tripping on something small. But don't look too far down. You won't see where you're heading.

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