Friday, May 30, 2008

CH05: Bottoms Up!

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So far so good.
Last night, my friends and I went out to watch Sex and the City.
Very satisfying.
I mean, it brought closure to the whole of Sex and the City.
No loose ends (IMO).
The characters' plot were unique from each other and I loved how things played out for them.
But of course, the central character, Carrie, had the spotlight.
But the side story were, as i said, unique and particularly interesting to watch as well.
Hehehe, not so much details here.
I don't want to spoil anyone who plans to watch it.
Here's just some things.
I was sad how things turned out for Samantha - I wished it didn't end up that way. Sad sad. SHE DIED! Hahaha Just kidding.

Miranda, I was particularly awed by the scene on the bridge connecting brooklyn and new york. There were a lot of literary whatnots that were played out. How, as Carrie pointed out, poetic that "scene" was.

Charlotte. Her scene at Mexico was such a laugh trip. I was laughing my ass off. AS IN! Partly because it was like "oh no she didnt! (add the black american chick accent)" hahaha.

Carrie, well, as much as she was trying to avoid the cliche of proposal (with the kneeling and stuff) - well, it played out well for her in the end. Although, as my friend pointed out, a particularl someone went like "ACK!" and spoiled the moment for some. But I was to focused on how things were playing out that I thought somebody just coughed or something hahaha. Well, apparently, some was "kilig" and let it out then held it back the last minute.
It's hard overcoming becoming materialistic and all that.
Hahaha. I think I'm about to slip.
I asked my mom last night, because I have been wondering about this.
Tipz: "Ma, para saan ba ang iniipon ko?"
TIpz: "Anong pinag-iipunan ko?"
Tipz: "San ko naman gagamitin?"
She just told me that it was savings. For eventual use when the time comes that I need it.
It's like. I want to spend it! Hahaha. Although...I don't know where to spend it to.
Last week, at trinoma, as I was about to go home...
On the MRT I thought to myself...

I think I'll go buy myself a new polo shirt. (this one was particularly ringing inside my head)
I'll drop by McDo to order Fries Float Combo. (this one was particularly ringing inside my head as well)
I'll window shop around and try to find myself a new bag for the board review.
I think I want to buy myself new pants.
I think I want to buy some more casual shirts
I think I want to buy some casual shorts
I think I want to buy myself new slippers
I think I wan to buy myself new shoes - sneakers. (this one was particularly ringing inside my head as well)
...(the list went on and on when I was going around Trinoma)

But...none of them were accomplished.
I said to myself. "Ano ba yan gastos na naman. Nakakatamad gumastos"

But then, like I said, last night, I was wondering why I am saving in the first place!

Hahaha. RELAPSE!
Well, I am not a "gastador" or what.'s just tempting to see 1/3 of my pay just sitting there...without interest.

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