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CH03: The Exodus

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Okay...breathe in...breathe out....let it all out...

F*CK Dan Humphrey! Sh*t. I hate him. Weird though. I like Georgina's character - but not Dan.
He's like a protagonist in some telenovela who gets spun around in a web of lies and yet fails to realize it. Wait. hahaha. it's not actually "like" because - that's what's actually happening.

-Gossip Girl rant.

I realize what I like about Gossip Girl. The show doesn't leave you hanging for too long. It doesn't dwell too much on something. They serve you a hot dish - then serve another one better before the previous dish gets cold. At least, although, episode 17 is still such a cliff hanger -they've already cleared Serena's issues. (Well, this is in comparison to Heroes season 2. It became stale. Kristen Bell brought the fire to it though). And now I anticipate how the "non-judging breakfast club" will crush Georgina.

I loved the scene where Blaire approached Chuck to go and crush Georgina. Friends to the rescue. Hahaha. Friends to the rescue - but with more malice and ill intent.

----And from a comment threaded (From multiply):
"I actually take back what I said about Jenny and Blaire. Hahaha. Blaire's got the moves. It's like, hit me and i'll stab you."


Exodus 1: The march
Last monday, I brought the car with me to the office. I thought the strike was large scale and I would have had serious trouble getting to the office...But, during the morning - well, the usual traffic was present.

FYI: Because of the construction of the elevated u-turn - the C5 flyover from pasig to makati/guadalupe has become quite a crawl. I hate it. Everytime I go through there - it's like - "MEHN! IS THERE NO OTHER ROUTE?!" I have serious trust issues with EDSA. It's like, everytime I decide to give EDSA a chance to get me through without much delay - get that delay and multiply it by a hundred. I hate it. And now - ohhhohohohoho - C5! WHY?! 

So - because of the crawl at the C5 flyover - I decided to go up the ramp just a little past the ramp near green valley. But then - the way was closed!!!!!!


School Bus days. I remember that there was a bridge linking pasig to (im not sure if this is right->) pateros (taguig). So i decided to explore (sorry asia. I had to come up with something - else - risk getting there at a later time. =) )....Our school bus serviced someone who was a daughter of hardware shop owner by the bridge (pateros side)


And I got lost. In Pasig. In a place that's now unfamiliar. In a place where my judgment was clouded by the presence of A LOT of jeepneys and the thought equation <jeepney=traffic>. Luckily - a jeepney saved the day! Hahaha. I decided to risk it with a jeepney that has the sign PASIG to MARIKINA. WHO KNEW it led the way? I didn't. I was spared. Hooray. (And I found that the hardware shop was still there)

MARCH 1: Celebrities.

So after work - I decided to hit the gym - for the sole reason that I wasn't feeling that much pain. I longed for that pain (now I don't though). It was a constant reminder that I was "working" some muscles out. And at the gym. It was raining stars. (figuratively speaking. fyi). So there. I won't elaborate. I don't want to seem like a die hard groupie or something (hahaha i had to get that across). But what I did get from it - is the appreciation of the reality - that those people (models, actors and actresses) worked hard to achieve those results. (Well, unless their metabolism is fast and they're slim by gene - go die! hahaha joke. ENVY).

MARCH 2: People unite!

On my way home. I was greeted (upon exit from UP and entering Commonwealth) by hoards of people. I was even shouting to myself "AAAHHHH! Wag kayo diyan mag hintay ng masasakyan!!!"

FYI: Upon exit from UP and entering Commonwealth - the way was "expanded". So now, people exiting UP to commonwealth have a lot more turn radius to choose from.

And it just so happens that where the people where waiting for a jeep/fx/taxi - lacked lighting. In short. MEGA SHORT VISIBILITY. There was no street lamp yet (because the widening --road widening -- that's the term not expanding =) just finished).  And it also just so happened that a lot of the "TURN RADIUS" would cross the path where they were waiting. Plus. Add a dose of rain-lets to was just an accident waiting to happen.

But, upon finishing that obstacle - I found a lot of people walking the length of commonwealth. I couldn't see though how far it reached (there's a steep up after the Shell gas station that would impede your sight of the rest of commonwealth).

Exodus 2: The PushI still can't get over how whenever I try to get into the MRT - I end up pushing somebody. NOT BECAUSE I am the instigator of the push. But I am being pushed as well. Change language.

"Sobrang weird lang para sa akin. One second no pushing. The next second tulakan from the left side. The next second tulakan from the right side. (Repeat steps 2-3) I HATE IT. i've actually counted. Since I started going to work - I've tripped more than ten times upon entry into the MRT. WELL. Not the tripping in the sense that I fall face flat on the floor. But rather. TRIP (because there's a gap between the train and the platform) then RECOVER. Hahaha. Recover with a nasty look at whoever I thought was the cause of my tripping. Well, just look but I don't actually think ill of them. Mamaya misdirected pa. HAHAHAHA. JUST LOOK at who I thought caused my trip to somehow get my point across to - that person (if he/she was the cause) - or to the rightful person (if i mistakenly look at someone else)."

Exodus 3: The Pull
I just could not stop myself from being pulled into listening to a man (of late 40s) ranting. It went like this.

"Kasi naman kayong mga babae - Hindi kayo makatiis na mahiwalay sa mga boyfriend niyo. Para namang hindi kayo magkikita pag labas! Kaya tuloy sumisikip dito. Eh may eksklusib na nga na tren sa inyo di niyo pa sulitin."
----------MY COMMENT: Sexist!!!! Or just plain insecure. hahaha. Maybe he's just "tigang."< Sorry - T'Gang is only accepting young adults age 18-26>

Scenario 1: THE MRT WAS VERY FULL (as expected). The said man was by the door (Boni station i think) and people kept pushing and pushing to the point where it was crushing him - and a friend (hey keen!) - so the man retorted:

-fyi: this quote may not be accurate. I was distracted. My bag was a stuck between two people and I was holding on to it (like for dear life) because I was afraid someone may snatch it.

"Ano ba kayo! Tulak kayo ng tulak. Parang hindi kayo mga Pilipino! Hindi niyo ba nakikitang puno na?!"
----------MY COMMENT: Was he in fact trying to say that he was the right Filipino? But then - are we people who rant out loud for people to hear? (From high school I remember being thought that we Filipinos are resilient. But in our resilience - we tend to stay quiet - until the point we actually break ) --(the latter part I made up based on my opinion hahaha)

Scenario 2: I forgot how the next commentary from the man arose - but I think it was because of the continuous pushing from people who want to get on the train.
"Talaga tayong mga Pilipino. INTeLI-JENT." - in a tone I interpreted as saracstic. "Kita na ngang puno nagpupumilit pa ring pumasok."

My Conclusion:
Well, everyone has a right to free speech. BUT. People should know when to shut up. I am actually beginning to understand the reason why people push to get in...and try to be the best contortionists just to be able to find space for themselves inside the train. It's because - of poor management. (Hehehe. Blame it on someone. OH YEAH!)

I think - that the MRT management should start finding out ways to resolve the different issues:
1) "Sa north avenue - pag morning rush hour - almost kalahati ng edsa and inaabot ng pila GALING TAAS PABABA ng flight of stairs" at bakit ganun? Kasi they don't want too many people on the platform and ticketing area waiting for the train.

2) "the tulakan issue to get in." IT ISNT SAFE. I've actually seen someone's foot slip through. At talagang nadapa siya."

3) BROKEN TRAINS! "SHIT talaga kanina. May nasira raw na train sa kamuning and they had to move it out of the way (OBVIOUSLY) before any train can proceed. IT TOOK 20 MINUTES OF MY TIME. AND IT WAS HOT AND CROWDED."

Only three right now that I can think of.

But by studying the three - one can find something in common. =)

And it's something the management can solve.
Why don't they invest in a few more trains? Aba! Saan naman napupunta ang pera galing sa mga tao pati sa mga advertisements na nakapaskil sa train at sa station.

Hmm - that's the only solution I can think of thus far....More trains = more space for people. More space for people = less time waiting for trains to fill up. etc etc. I mean, kahit mahal yung train - if they want to serve the people right - then give them what's rightfully theirs.

And for the man who loves to make "parinig"
-Well, stop it. You're not solving anything. Just adding to the noise. Don't preach. I'm sure you don't practice what you preached. Nobody does (well, follow it as sternly)

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