Monday, March 31, 2014

CH215: DIYs

So, we've recently moved house. Since my room is a lot more spacious, since there's no study table or what not, I decided to allot some budget for furniture and stuff for my new place.

The design peg I saw while in Muji is the picture below:

The rug costs about 299 and the coffee table I believe is 499 or maybe it's the other way around. The small leg less chair is 79.

I decided they're too expensive. (Duh) So I decided if I can find the items in ikea and try to see how closely I can recreate the design. The result:

Modified coffee table: 39.90.
-I had to modify the level of the extra ledge under so my legs can stretch out still given the cushion from the leg less chair.

Leg less chair is 79

Bedside table: 69.90

Rug: 59.90

Other things i DIY-Ed

Dining table: 299

1 Stefan chair: 25 (the other 3 were constructed by my housemates)

I also DIY-ed a curtain and the extra trimming you can see on top:

Curtain was 45 (discounted from 70).

There's still a last DIY I need to accomplish and that's to give new life to this otherwise dreary wardrobe:

I've got the material ready to cover it up and fix it.

To say the least, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of it. All in all, everything was finished less than 24 hours - from purchase to cleaning up the room and tidying up and to constructing all the furnitures. I must say, it was a rewarding experience. I can't wait to buy my own pad and decorate it! Well, that's going to be in a long while. Maybe I can ask my brother if he wants me to design his condo he bought near MOA. I thought I could suggest to my mom, but she reminded me they bought a unit in SM Light that's fully furnished. Oh well, I'll have some input when I go to the house my sister bought in LA. Id like to spend their money and design a portion of their place! :))

Update: wardrobe revitalized

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