Sunday, March 23, 2014

[Random] Experimentation

For the lack of entries, not because there's been any absence of social life to blog - more because I can't really put it out without breaching my friends' privacy, here's one!

I've been meaning to grow my hair out to get something like this from college again:

Or this:

I decided yesterday to trim it a bit and see what id like my hair to look like before I go off to Europe.

There. That's my update. Hahaha just kidding. My mind has been preoccupied with waiting for results for an assessment I submitted for. I haven't even finalized my itinerary for Lisboa, Madrid and Barcelona because I can't concentrate with the assessment in mind. Results should have come out march 13, but I wasn't able to consider the assessing body had 3 weeks for holiday break over Christmas and new year. So my anticipation has been building up because it will define a lot of things ahead of my life.

So once the dust has settled, I hope to say I can go back to regular programming! :) 


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