Monday, March 24, 2014

CH212: Long Distances and Celebrations

Last Friday, I received a mail in the office telling me that a package was attempted to be delivered but unfortunately, our reception was not allowed to sign for the package so I had to get it from the post office. I had made arrangements with my friend Ange to attend body combat class and also made arrangement with my friend visiting from Sydney to meet in the gym. So, because of this unexpected delivery, I had to drop by the post office before going to the gym. It's a bit far off from where I'm currently staying in the city and I didn't want to waste time from my weekend just to go on a side trip.

To my shock, the package that was apparently delivered was 13.31 lbs. That's a 6.04 kg big box without a bag and nowhere close for me to buy a bag to be able to carry it properly. It was drizzling that Friday, and I only had a long umbrella (not the short ones we usually see in PH people use for commutes). So, I had to carry it with two hands, and then eventually decided to throw away the long umbrella I had for the comfort and ease of carrying the package.

I think I walked almost 1km to get to Ang Mo Kio Hub where I figured I could buy an eco-friendly tote bag from Fair Price to put the big package in. I was practically sweating even while it was drizzling and cold because of the effort it took to lug it around. Considering it was a Friday, there were a lot of people walking about as well so it was a bit hard evading people and avoiding bumping into them.

The effort it took to get the package was well worth it though. My sister sent me (what I think is) my birthday presents for April. Now I don't need to look around for thicker t-shirts to bring to Portugal and Spain.

She also got me my request for the cookie dough oreo! I read about it I think on BuzzFeed and immediately contacted my sister to get me some as they're only going to produce a limited bunch - maybe to test how the people respond to the product? She also sent me several spreads which I assume are sort of house warming presents for me. She sent some packs of chocolate (which I don't plan on eating by myself) which I might share with friends. The only one I'm keeping for myself is the tub of almond chocolates! Haha, I could finish the whole tub by myself.

I also requested my sister to send me Aveeno in small packs so I can bring it to Europe in my travel toiletry kit. I'm not sure of the humidity in Portugal and Spain so I can't be all dry and itchy. (I have sensitive skin :))

As a side update, the card holder (pseudo-wallet) I most often used has been fixed by Mont Blanc. Thankfully, i found the warranty card in time. I saved myself 75 sgd for the cost of repairs. The damage wasnt that big, but the adhesive binding they had at the bottom was peeling and I didn't want to go to Europe without this.

Lastly, RkGreg had a belated birthday celebration for his friends here in Singapore. It happened last Saturday hosted in Mksurf8's flat. Super fun gathering of friends with fun and games. Unfortunately, there were some casualties: an empty bottle of Absolut Vodka was shattered, a couch was dirtied and DiwangBughaw got really drunk and later on passed out. He couldn't remember anything (selective amnesia?) the next day.

For discretion, this is the only picture I could share. With Ange and Chris R. Belated happy birthday RKGreg! 


  1. Thank you for still going to Combat even with the heavy load! Lol! :P Thanks for the chocs as well! Haha!

    I think that the photo above is the only one I can use as well. :)

    1. no problem!! hahaha wheres your entry on the delectable belgian chocolates?!

    2. hahaha! dunno pa. they all have the same effect on me. :P