Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CH210: Sweet as a Gumdrop

People have different forms of self validation. As was published by Time recently, the Filipino people rank overall as the top selfie takers in the world. People #hashtag their pictures with hopes of a positive feedback in the form of likes.

Some people get their validation by being antagonistic bitches and fucktards. You have online trolls and haters who put others down to get their fix of dopamine. They revel in their mask of anonymity. Fuck karma they say. I have hate to give and so I shall.

Other people are validated by the friends and network they have. The need to belong, the need to socialize, the need to be out there, the need to be seen, the need to be present. They are most happy in the company of others, but sometimes, they're unaware how to be happy if alone.

We all have a reliance on certain things to make us feel relevant and valuable. It differs from person to person.

I'm single and have been single for ... Err ... Some time. And it feels as if I'm slipping back to my old ways to get validated. There was an article I read (again, from Time), that people who are most happy are the ones who keep strong social ties. I've been making good effort on this front I would say for 2014. Identify the people who you believe will make you a better person and strengthen those social ties. Yes, I get my fix from my friends and I'm thankful for having good ones who will be there when I need them.

But for my old ways, let's have a play with words.

Sweet as f*cking honey.
Sweat as f*cked.
A Spaniard,
An Argentinian,
Three's a party,
Fun fun fun.


  1. The wordplays are very interesting.

    As for selfies, the more you have on your social media account, the less self confidence you have. That's what I believe.


    1. oh i initially misread your message (just woke up). i thought i read more selfies = more self confidence. anyway, i thought of it that way before, but my feelings mellowed down to more of "I'm too hipster for that sort of shit" haha jk.

      for some it could be true on confidence, but i see some friends who are hot and post lots of it, so i think it tends to show more on being self-obsessed. and maybe a lack of positive reinforcement on looks growing up. or they could just be delusional :))

  2. i like this...

    so you've ticked off a couple on your "to do" list. fun fun fun