Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CH103:Sunday Fire

It's not a matter of trying to get even or whatnot. But, you fight fire with fire.

If on one hand there's something missing, then look to the other hand. I'll try to be careful and not get burned.  I promise. Eventually, I will have to let go of what one hand is holding to hold the other in both hands.

It's nice, really, how a lunch date became an extended affair. On the same day, there was like a date after another and another and another. After lunch, you invited me over to your place to chill, and I got to play even for a bit the PS3 you guys have at your place. Then you invited me over to a party with cheese, wine, and pastries. It was a fun afternoon to evening affair and I got to meet a lot of new friends. You mix a good gin tonic + lime. Afterwards, we went out to a sports bar to drink beer. We got to see the Wimbledon finals. Then ate at McDonald's after.

If I'm not mistaken, I would say, that was a Sunday well spent. Although, I did miss going to church as I initially planned my Sunday. But, I'm sure He will understand. :-)

For some time when I reflected, I even thought, hey, maybe this could be a reason to stay in Singapore. I meant that as in to extend my stay and not leave before I head off to LA (subject to visa approval for both NZ and US) around late October. The lure of leaving Singapore and take a month long break in LA or wherever in US my sister plans to bring us is very hmmm alluring for a lack of a better word. I'm even thinking of joining to run a half marathon. From checking the dates, there's a half marathon on November 11 that will run through Malibu's beach! Or there's even a run through the vineyards of Napa Valley! Then I could spend either the Christmas in the Philippines or NZ after - putting an end to my Singapore journey. But, like I said, this could be a good reason to extend my stay maybe until April - the visa is good for 9 months after all from first entry in NZ with the visa.

Fancy thoughts.


  1. Replies
    1. see! i'm not that dirty! :))

    2. Please lah. It was a joke. :) Dun take it seriously.

      Lemme explain. It was a running joke with my group back in Manila (Richie, Mon et al.). We'd say it to each other, but it was just meant to tease the other person. :)

      At nag-explain talaga ako. :P

    3. I was kidding you as well! hahaha thanks ange for the expalanation, but i didn't take it negatively. :)