Tuesday, July 15, 2014

[Random] Forlorn

Forlorn (14/07/2014)

In the vastness of this grassland,
I find myself alone with thoughts of you.
Anxious, restless, the thoughts swirl on.
Will you ever come back to this place we swore on?

The grass rustle as a light gale sweeps past.
I suddenly realize how cold I feel.
Void of warmth and full of longing,
I remember our last embrace, our last kiss.

We swore four months back to meet at this spot.
Swore on love eternal - till death do us part.
I notice the sun has almost set on the horizon.
Time takes away the light as it does my hope.

I look around and listen as the night comes alive.
I sigh and see the breath of mist I exhale.
Another day has gone and still no you.
Will tomorrow come again and then I'll see you?

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