Monday, July 14, 2014

CH230: Kanchanaburi - The Bridge Over River Kwai

Do you know that movie "The Bridge Over River Kwai"?

Well, I don't. I didn't know about it till a friend living in Bangkok told me about it and said that instead of the initial plan of us going to Siem Reap, we should go instead to Kanchanaburi to see the 7-tier waterfall in Erawan National Park as well as the Bridge over River Kwai. I didn't mind the change in plans, in fact I was excited since I've both of us have been to Siem Reap anyway.

I was asked what were the things I wanted to do. Do I want to do a tour with elephants? I said, not really. I don't know how well the elephants are treated "behind the scenes" and I don't want to be an enabler for their abuses, so I'm okay not doing an elephant tour. I just said I'm up for anything, I just need to get away from Singapore and get some R&R.

So, after a weekend in Kanchanaburi, I must say, it was a very nice experience! It was very rustic staying in a resort by the river as well as doing things that I didn't really get to do in the Philippines. Erawan National Park is almost similar to Mt Makiling in Laguna. Although, the difference is that, the main attraction is the waterpark which has 7 tiers you can hike up beside. It rained a bit before we went up so it was a bit muddy - but nonetheless enjoyable! More enjoyable I guess because I had a mosquito patch and my usual worries about becoming mosquito bait was abated.

Anyway, Kanchanaburi is about 2-3 hours away from Bangkok. But if you're looking for something more rustic and laid back, it is definitely worth a visit. Of note though, it felt like I was the only Asian tourist in the town we were at. In the restaurants we visited, nope, no Asians. The only time I saw other Asians was during the time we were in the tourist attractions - Erawan as well as the Bridge over River Kwai (mostly Thai tourists).


from the airport straight to kanchanaburi - thats why i was wearing something not suitable for a tropical weather

had lots of mango fruit juices!

super nice lady selling pad thai. she even let us get a photo in despite the downpour that was happening around


  1. Can't believe you've never heard of the movie! That reminds me of our age gap! Lol! Glad the trip was super fun! Very scenic! :)

    1. omg! i forgot to give you your buddha head last night hahaha sa saturday nalang :)

    2. I forgot about it. Haha! That's how blur I was! Hahaha! Thanks, friend!