Monday, May 26, 2014

CH224: Positive News

I just came back from having breakfast at the local eatery downstairs. And as I was walking past the closed shops and seeing my reflection from the dark windows, I thought to myself, what great news I've got over the weekend! ... And I also thought to myself, "man, I like my ass. For something I didn't need to work out, it sure is bubbly!" Hahaha #joke

The song above was shared to me when I was in Bangkok and as soon as I heard it, I recognized it as one of the songs in Portuguese that was played in the club I went to in Lisboa! :) My memory of the song is interlaced with the fact that the club served out the 3rd round of free jell-o shots when the song was played. Haha if I had a memory of that, I sure wasn't drinking enough! :)

I went to Bangkok over the weekend, from Friday evening till Sunday eve. It wasn't planned in the sense that there would be Martial Law in Thailand when I went, but all in all, everything worked out well and beyond expectation. My primary reason was to accompany my friend get a tattoo:


I didn't go to BKK to go sight seeing or shopping - although I did end up buying a "jort" and a couple of things for my nephew and niece. For the most part, it was just hanging out with my friend, talking and eating lots of food and dessert among other things ;)

On to the good news!
1. Last week, as I was just arriving home, I called my mom and she was like, are you just coming home? Where did you go? And I was like, oh I just came back from the clinic and got an HIV screening. Lol. It's negative. Aside from the conscientious effort to be responsible, I wanted to be positively negative for something I'm anticipating for that will require the test.

2. I got my work pass two weeks ago and it's valid for 2 years!

3. I had a talk with my managers 4 hours before my flight to BKK and I was told I will be renewed. Not sure yet about final contract but it's a load off my shoulders and things can proceed as initially planned. No more of my mind thinking of wanting take my masters in San Francisco or Dublin! I actually messaged my parents if they'll be okay to support my endeavor and finance me, but my mom was like, "I'm not quite sure son, were paying for a condo right now" haha and I was like "K." In my mind I was thinking if it was still worth it to have travelled so much knowing if I hadn't I could have easily paid off the tuition.

4. I got the invitation I've been waiting for since March! I don't want to jinx it, so I won't say it yet, but if things go well, it's my ticket to the next adventure!

So, it's been a wonderful weekend! And I'm looking forward to even more wonderful things to come! I can't wait! In relation to #4, if things go well, I couldn't sleep last night thinking of doing a 1 month trip before I embark on the next adventure!

Maybe - Hongkong, Japan, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Atlanta, Florida, New York, Washington, Dublin, Amsterdam, (Belgium), Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Vienna, Prague, Zurich, (Italy), (Greece), Singapore, (Philippines) then ????? For the purpose of a mystery :)

Bangkok Sunset

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