Monday, May 12, 2014

CH223: Eurovision 2014

So it's about time I started posting pictures from my trip to Europe last month. But, before I get to it, you can recap some pictures through here:
CH218: Europe (Lisboa, Madrid and Barcelona), Prelude

This entry is more of a celebration that with the recent win of Conchita Wurst in the Eurovision, the age of tolerance, respect, diversity and equality can be ushered in. Although I never really follow Eurovision, some of the people I met during last month's trip made mention of Conchita and related her performance to someone who was already doing something more pop and cheesy in Tel-Aviv. I forgot who it was though :).

So, I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. It's been playing almost 40 times as I try to earworm it out of my head. It's so much nicer than my earworm over the weekend - Sexercize.

I think that with a large acceptance of Conchita Wurst in Europe, people in the US and Asia and other parts of the world, see that there is an existence of these kinds of people who love who they are and what they do. And in that acknowledgement, I hope people learn to accept and respect rather than ridicule and joke.

It's just sad that in one Conchita's speeches, she mentioned that tolerance and respect is what she will fight for, but it's not something she feels she'll live to see happen.


  1. I made a comment about Conchita Wurst. I saw in her the future.

  2. made a comment where? :) she will champion a good cause! which future do you pertain to? haha i would have thought youd see "the future" in your nephew(s) like how i do with my nephew and niece...

  3. Dana International! She's the transgender who represented Israel during the 1998 Eurovision and won (which is weird, yes, because how in the world did Israel become Europe ;p) for her song "Diva". If you want a pre-Lady Gaga video bizarreness, check out her video for "Cinque Milla" ;)

    1. australia is part of eurovision now as well haha :)