Thursday, February 20, 2014

CH206: Making My Own Problems

As the clock ticks closer to 28, I'm making my own problems and ending up sleeping later than usual. I'm quite sure I don't want to be celebrating my birthday here in Singapore for April, so I have been researching and going about looking for flights.

At first, I thought it will be nice to do Amsterdam+Paris. Then I said to myself, maybe I want to go somewhere warm and maybe near a beach, so I thought, maybe I can go to Hawaii+LA+San Francisco. Then when I saw how expensive flights will be hopping on and off as well as considering how tedious transferring would be I thought, maybe just LA+Vegas (for Britney Spears' show in Planet Hollywood)+San Francisco. But then I remembering telling myself, I want some place warm so I researched maybe Mexico+Brazil, but flights were quite expensive and I had thoughts that my luggage might get lost during transfers.

So now, I've removed some options and still deciding which of the following to pursue for (most likely) April 10-19.
1. Amsterdam+Berlin+Prague+Vienna
2. Lisbon+Madrid+Barcelona
3. Athens+Mykonos+Santorini (or maybe go on a tour as theyre on separate islands)
4.  Casablanca+Marrakech
5. Gaza+Jerusalem
6. LA+Vegas+San Francisco

Of course, there are budget constraints. But I hear Portugal and Greece are quite cheap now relative to other EU cities. Aside from budget, there is also the concern for the need of a Schengen visa to go to Europe. And the main issue why I haven't been able to decide (which only makes the going back and forth on the destinations even farther from receiving any conclusion) is the fact that I'm waiting for results to something where I have to put out more (maybe 2-3x as much) than what budget I'll need for my travel plans. So, if any of the long haul destinations don't push through, I might just go to Bali hahaha and thengo to LA+Vegas+SF by August using my frequent flyer miles earned so I can visit my sister who is due to give birth around July. In this scenario of course, I hear my mom might be going so that will definitely help in the budgeting ;)


  1. Replies
    1. i didn't even think of that hahaha! although, emigration is a *thirdworldproblem*

  2. #4 should be exciting friend.

    1. haha im reading about it! although parang mahirap ata run alam mo na haha