Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CH205: Taipei Adventures Final

Apparently, I didn't realize that I had the CH### wrong in previous links. Haha, blame it on having to type the entries at work!

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So, we're now at the last leg of the Taipei trip (finally!). So for my mom's last day, I had planned for us to go up the Maokong Mountain and get to experience the cable car ride up. It was unfortunately a weekend and CNY, so there were a lot of people already queuing to go up when we arrived. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as the queue we had to endure for Taipei 101. There are two options you can choose, one is to ride on the "Crystal" cable car which simply meant riding on one that has a clear bottom, and the other which is just your regular old cable car.

After the visit up, we didn't linger as much and just walked around a bit. My mom was pretty tired still from previous days itinerary so we just went easy. We didn't stay long and decided to head back after seeing one temple.

We went to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial after our trip and walked a bit before finally succumbing to just getting a cab to the Fine Arts Museum which was apparently closed. Thankfully, they had colorful lanterns in the museum park which would have been amazing I think had we seen the lanterns lit up.

For dinner, I brought my mom to Ximending again as she hasnt seen it really at night. I chose for us to ate at Modern Toilet. The food was just 'k'. Nothing overly delicious and mostly bland. My mom's flight was 1am Feb 2 so I brought her to the airport soon after we finished dinner a bit of shopping at Eslite.

The next day, I woke up around 11 and just had time to go to Chiate to get Ange's favor (pineapple cakes). Hahaha. I took a cab going there as I was pressed for time and didn't want to get lost or waste time finding it. As soon as I got them, I headed back to my hotel and off to the airport.

Taipei was an amazing trip! I think this would be the first trip where it was just my mom and myself. Hopefully, she's game for Bangkok when I go on the first of May. Otherwise, ill just shop myself out or just laze by the hotel's pool haha.

long queues again despite coming in early!

souvenir items. damper baby and some taiwanese figurines from the airport souvenir shop


  1. I love how colorful the places are. :) Thanks again for getting me the pineapple cakes!!!! Yums! I want the Taiwanese figurines! Hahaha! :D

    Happy birthday again, Tita! :D

    1. you know what, i didn't realize that it was colorful until you mentioned it hahaha maybe because it was just at the near end of winter and i dont really associate the cold with colors hahaha. get them when we go to taiwan for new year!!!