Thursday, February 13, 2014

CH204: Taiwan Adventures 3

Following the series: CH201: Taipei Prologue, CH202: Taipei Adventures 1 and CH203: Taipei Adventures 2, my mom and I found ourselves on our last arranged tour - the city tour.

The itinerary of the tour was as follows: a temple in the city, CKS Memorial, Martyr's Shrine + Changing of the guards and the National Palace Museum. After those tour, we had the afternoon to ourselves where I planned for us to visit The Confucius Temple, which was apparently beside another temple that was super crowded! So much so, that I had to look down most of the time we were inside because of all the incense wafting in the air and from those being carried by the people who were there to actually pay respect (not like us tourists lol). After a visit to those temples, my mom and I made our way to Taipei 101 to hopefully see the sunset and the view of Taipei in the day and subsequently at night. Unfortunately, it was super crowded there as well and I ended up queuing for 40-45 minutes to get tickets, 40-50 minutes to get on the elevator up and consequently 30-35 minutes lining up to get down! Crazy!!!

Anyway, I've said too much and extended this entry already with so much pictures! So, let the pictures do the talking this time.

More pictures!

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