Monday, December 30, 2013

[Random] Christmas Gifts 2

Thank you to all my friends who gave me a gift for Christmas! :) From all the food, the toys, and chocolate and other bits.

Christmas day, I went to meet CP for breakfast so we can exchange gifts.  He prepared breakfast and I was 20 mins late from agreed time because I thought he was still asleep LOL. We discussed to give each other one major gift and one minor one. I got him the new Mont Blanc Legend scent (paired with toiletries and a toiletry bag) as well as towels and swimming goggles.

He got me a new watch and something still pending.

After which, we went to Catalunya and had a Spanish Christmas buffet with his friends who I got to know as well. Most of us opted for the free flow Cava (or other spirits such as white or red fine and Christmas cocktails). The food was really nice. Quite a different take on last year's Christmas lunch at Marina Bay Sands we had as there was no turkey. On the other hand, they had a very delectable suckling pig and delicious desserts so I'm quite solved with the idea minus the price tag. If you're interested to go next year, make your reservations and pay up 178Sgd.

Afterwards, we went to overeasy for more drinks and just chill and chat over drinks and some snacks. We stayed there for over 4 hours after staying a bit in  Catalunya drinking. Safe to say, I was quite intoxicated after a whole day of drinking for Christmas. Quite a new experience but fun nevertheless!


  1. haha lasing ka pala nun pasko. atleast u had fun

    nice watch

  2. Pagnaluma na akin na g-shock mo ha hihihi!

  3. You're one lucky guy..G Shock. Di naman ako mahilig sa relo pero my friend bought one and parang may na feel akong slight jealousy. AHahahaha. Kaya buti ka pa meron.

    1. thanks! :) you should get one. it's functional and casual!