Monday, December 23, 2013

[Random] Christmas Gifts

It's the season of giving again! The season to go all out and buy gifts...for yourself! Haha

I got my package from NZ a couple of weeks back from my brother. He sent me a Lacoste polo shirt and shoes and an iPhone case. Considering my sister is pregnant, I don't expect her to send any but she said she will. So will have to see what she sends over :) my parents I don't really have any expectations as they gave me a wad of cash mid this year and they bought a condo unit so I'm sure they have their own expenses to worry about.

So...given those reasons I decided to splurge on myself with some things for Christmas! :)

The speakers beside the souvenirs I have yet to give my mom when she either visits me here or I go home to the PH.

I got myself the UE Boom Bluetooth speakers after hounding review after review of the best portable Bluetooth speakers around. I was deciding between this and the Bose Soundlink mini (priced the same) but ultimately decided for the UE Boom given that it's much more portable, water proof and stain proof (as they claim).

The other gift I got for myself is a new perfume since the Chanel Allure my sister got me will run out in a few months and I noticed myself liking sweeter fruity scents more (like the Paco Rabanne XS or the Hermes one I got in London).

Gifts for my parents and sister I'll probably get next year haha to distribute credit card damage. For my brother I gave him a practically new iPhone 5 since I had mine replaced with Singtel after my old one was faulty, so it's most likely refurbished but 2 months old. And of course I got some gifts for my niece and nephew as well. For my sister in law I got her a Ferragamo scent that doesn't smell of "old woman" haha but young and vibrant and still sweet (my preference still towards sweeter scents).

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