Saturday, January 4, 2014

CH197: Commissioned

I was telling my sister and brother in law a couple of days ago in our family group chat how their walls looked white and barren. Considering they're expecting a baby soon, I told them they should probably hang paintings.

So the other night I asked my sister:
Me: hey, give me 3 words you want to be the central theme for a painting I'll do you.
Sis: okay! Paint me, healthy beautiful baby.
Me: that's just 1 word with baby being the subject!
Sis: okay, paint me new year, reunion and baby!
Me: OMG! That's so simplistic!
Sis: what do you want? Okay paint me New Zealand, Singapore and philippines!
Me: haha I'm not that good of a painter! Nevermind! I'll think of the themes myself. I'll paint you, baby, family and God (Since my Sister is quite religious)

Here's the result of 2 hours painting at Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery. For 50-60 sgd (I didn't check the price that was charged earlier lol).

To explain the themes, the four panels represent each member of the family.

Mom and dad. Mom being the (red) heart of the family, and my dad (in blue green to symbolize that he was the money earner - green dollars)

My sister and brother in law. My sister in pink coming from my mom's red. My brother in law in brown as a neutral color and pure Filipino descent. And the baby, because we don't know the sex yet, symbolized by the circle in pink and brown.

My brother's family. My brother in green stemming from my dad's blue green. My sister in law in purple. My nephew in yellow striped white because yellow is his favorite color. And pink and red flowers for my niece simply because.

The last panel of course is for myself. The blue comes from dad, and the mushroom stemming from CP calling me shroom because according to him, my head is "shroomy."

The cross at the center of the picture will be representative of God. I may not be very religious anymore, but For my sister I had to incorporate it haha. It's still symbolic of what binds the family together.

All in all, a pleasant afternoon after an early afternoon at the gym. Now I just have to figure out how I can send the commissioned art work to my sister in LA!


  1. I wonder what "head" and "shroomy" CP refers to. Haha.

    Lovely paintings. :)

    Happy New Year, Tipzs

    1. haha i didnt even realize it could have been an innuendo till you mentioned. :-p

      thanks joms! ;) happy new year!

  2. At syempre mas nagising ang aking birheng imahinasyon sa huling bahagi ng pagpapaliwanag ng likhang sining. hahahaha!

    Galing, galing SQ!

    1. LOL. palitaan na ang name to Diwang Berde hahaha