Friday, January 17, 2014

CH199: FML

I thought I had been carefully monitoring my expenses after the Christmas splurge, but OMG FML!
I still have 3 days to go before my credit card cut-off. I can't wait for it to be the 20th of January already so I can escape the amount that's haunting me. And also because it will follow that the 24th is arriving and I can pay off my credit card and get back in the green.

I have to blame for the most part the Bangkok protests! Blame game! If there wasn't any uprising or as it turns out violence (as of today, there have been reported incidents of bombing aside from the peaceful rally and mobilizations), the trip would have pushed through and I won't be in the red! Then I wouldn't have had to hustle to get airplane tickets for me and my mom rebooked (or bought new ones) to Taiwan.


Oh well, I knew it could have ended up as such considering I've ended once before even in a deeper shade of red in terms of expenses (that time I think was over-the-holiday expenses and last minute booking of a trip to New Zealand last year). To offset the sudden dip in mood, I decided to inquire on the air miles I've accumulated since getting my ANZ last October and I was pleasantly surprised that I've earned 10,000 points/miles already. That means, I have 60,000 miles as of the moment and I can accumulate more and offset the cost of going to Europe/America on April (or maybe June so it doesn't feel like I'm debilitating myself financially!)

God! Please let time go faster and let it be the 20th already. I can't wait to put behind me the horror of expense.

3600+ SGD. About twice the norm. ARGH!

Boom. I'm broke. But, I'm happy. #ironic

It just occured to me, I only promised my mom Hotel costs as my sister would have shouldered my mom's air tickets. Haha, oh please mum! Can I get cash for Christmas? :)

And also on the happy news, my sister is finally pregnant and I'm going to have another niece!


  1. Shall we go shopping this weekend? You might need Taiwan weather clothes. :P

    1. friend! go! haha but maybe ill just go window shopping and shop in Taiwan instead. it's not going to be incredibly cold like New York at the moment haha so can still reuse the ones I've bought for London :)))) #tipid