Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Random] 5 day Tweets

Thursday October 18, 2012
@tipzstamatic: The vault shall open soon - the savings vault that is! I can feel the gears turning.

8 more days till I leave for the US! There are still a lot of things to buy and look for. A white crisp shirt, maybe new trousers, a longchamp bag or maybe lacoste for my sister, green tea kitkats and other knick knacks that my family may want.

Wednesday October 17, 2012
@tipzstamatic: Finally gave in and bought the Armani exchange weekend bag. "You" liking it was a contributing factor.

The You of course was CP. I bought it and jokingly told CP, well I think I like your bag and you like mine, now we can trade bags! CP's is a green weekender longchamp. A bit serious looking in my opinion, but classy.

Tuesday October 16, 2012
 @tipzstmatic: Will watch Sinister later. But first, some drinks with my weekday drinking buddies at Overeasy to let the alcohol heighten the horror! :-)

I went out Tuesday with CP and officemates for drinks at Overeasy. I didn't know they had Happy Hour and we had like 4 x 4 Chardonnays for 50% off! Or at least I thought it was 50%, I didn't see the bill. After the drinks, CP and I went for a movie date and watched Sinister. It's very much like Insiduous scare - not like Paranormal Activity. The story line was good. I wasn't expecting the ending. But the ending was disappointing IMHO.

@tipzstamatic: 10 days before I fly out. I still need a weekender bag, buy pasalubong to maximize my 46kg baggage allowance. I suddenly feel panicky.

@tipzstamatic: I've been (ordering) toast meals just so I can get the satisfaction of seeing myself refuse to eat the egg yolks. LOL

 Monday October 16, 2012

 Sunday October 15, 2012
@tipzstamatic: Food shot of left over haha. (This) must be why alcoholics are mostly thin
After 5 straight days of drinking alcohol from beer, gin tonic and vodka, by Sunday, my stomach was reeling. The above picture shows the leftovers of my first and last meal of the day.


  1. I wanna see the Longchamp weekender. Looking for one myself. :)

    1. CP's something like this I believe but - more like brown/olive. :-)

    2. Ah, okay. I thought so. :)

    3. Di nga Ange? Longchamp really? di ba Givenchy gurl ka Ahahahahahahaha

  2. I hope you don't mind if I use the same blog style for my next (or next, next) blog entry.

    Hehe. Cheers!!

    1. haha of course i don't mind :-) your comment popped up right after i finished reading your entry.