Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CH132: Diamond Life

Welcome to the diamond life.

I was so wrecked yesterday, my body was so tired and I felt like I was having a hangover from the weekend drink binge(s) CP and I went to. I mentioned to CP how I feel like I just lived through my weekend like how Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan and cohorts did before in the news.

October 19, 2012 - Drink count: more than 10 glasses of gin tonics
Friday Day - was on MC. ;-)

Friday Night - CP and I after dinner in Lau Pa Sat - Tapa King -went to meet CP's colleagues in Urban Fairway (Capitol Tower, Robinson's Road) for some virtual golf and of course drinks.

To be honest, I failed miserably at the start when swinging the golf clubs/driver. But I got the hang of it further down after several glasses of gin Ts and more practice swings. Urban Fairway also served their drinks with these very cute golf club stirrers! We asked the staff if they could give us some more. One waiter actually went up (we were playing in the second floor) and showed us a huge pack of the stirrers and told us unfortunately that he cant sell us the bag but he can give us lots and tell us where we can get them.

Golf and drinks are nice activities to have with friends - but I must say, the place isn't cheap. It's on the steep end! I think, after playing 2 hours of golf and 4-5 rounds of drinks for 5 people, our tab was ~600sgd!

As my agreement with CP then was that I will get totally wasted that night, I think I had 5 gin Ts all in all in that place alone. We decided to move out to Club St and had some tapas and more drinks in Spanish Gastropub - LA CICALA. They served some of the most amazing appetizers I've had in a long while! We had truffle mushrooms, squids, octopus and super svelte and tasty steak cubes and others I can't remember.Their version of gin tonic was also new. It had a cinammon leaf stirrer and some peppers in. It was so smooth - not sure if they used Bombay Sapphire though.

After this, we moved to a rooftop bar - still in club st where we had more drinks! It came to the point where CP tells me I was saying this and that and I just had no recollection of doing so. I think I passed out as well in the cab with just brief flashes here and there of some memory. Get wasted goal achieved! I just know I drank more than 10 glasses, but CP tells me I must have drank 13 at least. I've necked a couple of glasses down the line to prevent CP from getting drunk ahead of me! :-)

October 20, 2012 - Drink count - lost count

Saturday Day - I accompanied CP around Ikea to help on what furniture to get, etc for a place we found Friday - V on Shenton Way. But, after walking around Ikea (West SG - not the one in Tampines), CP had hesitations if and whether to proceed with the deal. CP didn't want the hassle of having to buy, deliver, assemble and eventually sell the stuff/furniture. So CP decided to lease the unit where one other blogger stays in as well - not to be named! I wouldn't want to divulge that information here though.

In the end, we didnt get anything in Ikea and went straight to Anj's pre-birthday gathering for friends in MkSurf8's pad. Read more about it here: Anj's Mini Celeb. Small gathering with friends, and I was finally able to introduce CP properly - not unlike before where the introductions were made in Fort Canning with Guetta/Alesso playing in the background. After maybe 3-4 glasses of Chardonnay, we left for home to get changed for a movie and meetup with friends in Chijmes for Soccer night.

CP and I watched Hit and Run. It was funny - but not Hangover 1 funny. So, it was just okay - good. It did help CP destress from all the stressing of moving and leasing a flat.

At Chijmes, we started drinks and a bit of food in Harry's -> moved to another Spanish joint for some Sangria and tapas -> moved to Bobby's for more drinks (gin tonics) -> moved to Club Lava (where CP and I first met) for more drinks because Bobby's closed early.

I don't really know how much I drank all in all. But to be sure, I was so out of it! I don't know what time we left Chijmes but we went to a 24 hour Indian Joint and got one of the most delicious pratas (we ordered Cheese, garlic and mushroom) I've ever eaten (i only started eating anything indian since I met CP).  And finally, once we finished eating, left home and slept!

October 21, 2012 - Drink count: 0
By Sunday, my body was reeling from all the alcohol! I was having alcohol allergy! Ack! I think I only started feeling better after having downed 5 10mg anti histamines! It was that bad!

Sunday was quite productive, CP and I had our time away from each other. I had to buy stuff for my sister's wedding - trouser, shirt, etc as well as buy my advance Christmas present for my family. I spent a whole afternoon shopping in Tangs (orchard) - maybe next time Ill move to Tangs Vivo to do my shopping because of the construction they're doing

As I mentioned in my previous post [Random] 5 day Tweets , the savings vault will be opened and indeed it has been last Sunday! I spent so much Tangs gave me a complimentary meal for 2 in Island Cafe Tangs!I had to get good trousers and a shirt for my sister's wedding! I'm not sure how long the offer will last, but I bought several pieces from N Tyler and they gave me 20% off and a 50sgd voucher! :-)

It was a very fun weekend, but it's not something I'd go do weekly! I don't want to break the bank!!! And, as I said, when I mentioned to CP how it felt like I just lived through Paris Hilton's life, CP was just like, well, we are still young so it's okay to do this every now and then. It was fun in a way to go all out considering how I'll be gone from SG for a month!

This Friday, my month long vacation will start!

As CP has acknowledged, we are still young. I will continue to enjoy such experiences and party at times with wild abandon (as long as CP is there). I don't know till when this stage of diamond life will last. But I will relish every moment, every experience, every party, every silence, everything because there is no other place to live in - but in the now. Diamonds are forever, yes. But diamond lives are not. Only a fool will think that they are forever indestructible. Youth will fade soon as I transition out of mid-twenties to late-twenties and eventually embrace the big 3-0.


  1. ahhh youth! envy envy envy ;p great meeting CP and enjoy your vacay ;)

    1. thanks! lets do that next time! your pad -> club st bar hopping then sneak in to T from the back! hahahaha