Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CH133: Life in Pictures: LA Vacay Part 1

SQ Airbus A380 - HSBC walkways
 in flight entertainment 1
family guy + white wine

appreciating some sun set before arriving in japan

having some gin tonic with my meal

bus/tram to terminal

wide expansive road (runway)
vintage car by the highway

fast food at citadel outlet mall

a wall that reminded me of CP

new sunnies from oakley c/o mom because i left my sunnies in SG

watching tv on my sis'60 in smart tv

good morning LA - off to fetch bro, sil and nephew

some photo op

my adorable nephew and his new camera

went around westfield mall

my nephew opposite me eating at a buffet

jollibee takeout

off to see the hollywood sign

drove through the gym where manny pacquiao trains

Saw the hollywood walk of fame

The chinese theatre (is this where some red carpet events are held)

harry potter cast

The road to hollywood

souvenir shopping

i thought it was only a joke where "MAHALia jackson" expression is used

adorable nephew beside rocky

with ET

with ET in red hood

posing with a legened of a sport which CP appreciates
souvenir magnets

universal studios hollywood - a reminder of CP

waiting in line to get the tour of the studios

halloween decorations

a panoramic view from universal studios hollywood

got to experience LA morning rush hour traffic

had breakfast in IHOP - international house of pancakes before going to Disneyland

adorable nephew being adorable

a picture sent to CP
candied apples

So far covered:
hollywood sign, hollywood walk of fame, driving tour of LA, outlet shopping, buying clothes for pre-winter NY, universtal studios hollywood, disneyland theme park 1 (there are two parks beside each other)