Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CH131: Hater Alert

Last weekend was a very trying weekend - as my friend Ange should know. I'm not going to write the entry about it - as it's not really worth the time and effort to relive the experience in writing.

What this entry is about though - is a hater.

A hater who messaged CP last Sunday evening telling CP that - he - the hater  saw me with someone.

CP talked to me about it the next morning to just make sure that the hater was lying. And I was a bit shocked that somebody would go behind my back and out of their way to say something malicious. I can't believe somebody would try to break CP and me apart.

The hater is Pinoy. CP's friend from before. CP ceased contact after the hater admitted that "its" (trolls are it and genderless right? >:-|) love for CP but CP and I were together by then. The hater knows i'm Pinoy. Is this crab mentality at work? Somebody jealous? Well, whatever. The malicious SMS to CP did not dent US. After CP and I went through a stormy weekend - that SMS is worth nothing.

I just felt a bit concerned on the hater's message timing. Did the hater really see me out? How did the hater know I watched a movie? Can the hater see my updates from facebook or twitter?

--I watched the movie by myself - The Perks of Being  a Wallflower - last minute as I was trying to salvage the weekend by seeing something good and forgetting about the Friday and Saturday prior.


  1. Ignore, ignore. "It" is a waste of time. Hehe! :)

    I watched a movie by myself, too. Taiwanese film GFBF. Haha!

    1. I read good reviews about that movie somewhere! it's about a guy1>girl>guy2->guy1 story where only after theyre grown up are some secrets revealed kind of thing?

      hahaha, i know, just ignore. and stop overthinking/analyzing!

    2. re: movie - yeah, some sort of love triangle/friendship story. haha. :) one of the leads is from eternal summer (not sure if you're familiar with that flick).

      re: part 2 - yeah! :)

    3. oh i havent been up to date with my films :-| so much going on lah!

  2. Sikat ka na daw kasi, may hater na.
    CP is a cuteeeee

    1. i told CP about it and he finds it weird that a friend would say that. haha i told him you liked south asians hahaha