Saturday, October 18, 2008

CH18: 56.25%

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 That's about the estimate of what I've already feel like ive finished.
Here's the break down:
85% electronics

  • studies based on excel textbook bought. reading through sample questions, and tackling about 1000 questions (from 3 chapters of the 3001 question booklet)
  • What's left? Chapter 6 of the textbook - biomed, robots, internet, etc. That should take me more less 4-5 hours.

80% mathematics

  • studies based on amount of topics reviewed from the handbook / 1001 questions. Covered mostly the basics. What's left? Differential equations, integrals, volume and surface areas (based on functions rotated over whatever axis)
  • what's left? 5-6 hours of reviewing the basics and question familiarization (solution based). The 4-5 hours should be inclusive of the other math related geas questions
40% geas and 20% est.
  • No comment. The only thing left for me to do is...pray. hahaha. For geas though, my plan is to review again the basics (the ones found on the right and left side of their questionaire book).
  • for est...well, a lot of formulas left to be memorized, hopefully, i finish the book (text book to cover ground).
it's less than a week away.
Lord. Please find a postpone the exam! Hahaha. No, just kidding. That's just going to prolong the agony - which I don't want to happen...

Now...if could buy a way out of this mess. Hahaha. I wish I could afford though - if it was indeed available.

In desparate need of prayers and moral support. You can text me at ... hahaha. no just kidding. but seriously though...

PS: memo plus gold...squalene - don't fail me now. I'll spread the word of your effectiveness..if it indeed works. I'll even apply as your spokesperson...for a tv advertisement...whatever! (is it me or does this sound desparate?)


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