Sunday, June 29, 2014

CH228: Salmon Saturday

Yesterday, after having Sinigang lunch, I pushed through with my promise to my housemate that I'll cook up Salmon so we can use the mashed potato she had from the Friday night. I couldn't go because I had prior dinner plans.

My sort of look after I howled when I got hit by oil pops from the griller lol

Salmon cooking nicely

Finished product shots.
Grilled salmon with honey Dijon mustard sauce, rockets with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and a balsamic vinegar dressing, garlic mashed potato with parsley.

After cooking that up, I went to party and go clubbing. Thankfully, I was pretty buzzed after necking a tall glass of gin and tonic because I was running late. I met some friends in the pub and had to queue up for 40-50 minutes to get into the dance club. It wasn't that it was full. Or maybe it was but I just wasn't paying attention. Someone caught my eye and ... Eye to eye. Eye-eye-eye-eye. The end

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