Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CH226: Manila Weekend

NBI. Thankfully, there's a government employee (and by extension immediate family) courtesy lane, so I was over and done with in less than 1 hour 10 mins.

Went with mom to SM aura and finally had Grecian food again. The lamb cutlets were amazing!

Went to trinoma to look around and ended up buying the shirt above for my night out with friends. (Best friend from college in picture)

Dinner with friends at a pizzeria in Citygolf Ortigas called C. Great food! The wine was surprisingly nice - not cheap considering the price of it in SG would have just been an okay wine (Australian Chardonnay)

Drinks with friends in Ortigas

Sending off one of my good friends who arrived in PH 630pm to leave for HK at 5am for work. 

Alma matter drive through. Tripping on some memory lane pills. Catch up with my best friend and then back home to fetch my mom to go for a massage. I was too tired to go out Saturday evening! Haha

IHOP breakfast with mom and then church after. Met my best friend again for some last minute catch up after then back home to prep, pack and drive back to airport to leave.

It's always nice to see how much different Metro Manila is from the last time I visited. There's clearly a lot going on. I can't say if people living in Manila do  notice the change. I can only say for sure that maybe for some it's become worse (case in point: MRT). It's hard to compare Metro Manila from its neighboring metropolitans like Singapore, Bangkok, KL and Hongkong as when you've been around, each city is unique in itself. What cities are like speak a lot about the culture and people that inhabit them.


  1. Your mom looks very young!!


  2. I didn't post any of my mom's picture lol. That's my bestfriend :-))

  3. *facepalm* Sorry. I was confused, but seriously, I was ready to believe she's your mom. Haha.

    1. hahaha my mom is half chinese. i had half a thought to post my mom's picture, but she might not like that lol