Monday, April 28, 2014

CH219: Saying Is Not Doing

Because I've been meaning to buy these things but never actually doing it, and just postponing...

New running shoes. The ones I've got are 4 years old and you can tell the cushioning has given up on some parts. This time around, to make a better and wiser purchase, I even did those running and walking on treadmill tests to know which shoes are most suitable. I'm quite shocked though how expensive running shoes are. I didn't see their prices skyrocket to 7000+ pesos before. Or maybe I was just not aware. 4 years ago, prices would have just been around 5k+. And I would have thought innovation and mass production would drive prices down.

I haven't drunk whey or anything of it close to a year now. This time around, I got myself back into whey isolate - the first one I drunk before going for the cheaper usual whey protein. The plus factor for my decision was of course - they're okay for those who are lactose intolerant. :) and of course, some creatine. I'm such a sucker for quick hard sell and "discounts". Since I bought 3 products, all 3 were effectively 50% off. If I just bought 2 of the whey isolates, they'd just be 40% off.

So, I really should be planning my routine now. But...or maybe no buts. I'm going to Bangkok this Thursday till Sunday, so I may just work out there as well considering I've seen the temples before. There are other places though I've yet to see. :)


  1. Get the passport card from FF before you fly out! :-)

  2. Have a good work out! :)