Monday, April 21, 2014

CH218: Europe (Lisboa, Madrid and Barcelona), Prelude

I'm officially back and still a bit jetlagged! I can't wait to write down about all the places I've seen and visited. Although, that may take some time, as I have been mostly on my smartphone during the trip, there's a lot of things to catch up on. In particular, replying to each Facebook post or message I received on my birthday. LOL.

It was quite an exhausting trip especially with all the walking and whatnot. Starting it off in hilly Lisboa may have been a good idea as I can't imagine walking up and down steep hills at the last leg of the trip. Barcelona was kinder to my tired feet.

The trip and all the places I visited were exactly as how I imagined them to be based on the pictures I've seen based on my planning. Or actually, no, they were better, because I got to see them in person!

Anyway, I have a backlog to attend to. Among other things: finances, work, etc. ;)
Sharing a few pictures for now! (I have 2161 all taken from my smartphone pertaining to that trip, so there's a lot of curating effort to be done)

Pictures after the jump!

Stopover at Dubai.



Doing a selfie OOTD hahahaha forgive me, it's my blog and I couldn't resist.


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  1. Wonderful photos!!! :) I love the one with the pigeon and two person and of course, the last photo! Haha! :D

    1. hahaha thanks friend!! i was lucky for that picture the pigeon turned to face the two people lol. and the last photo! yes the moroccan mint was really nice and the pistachio pastries too! ;) ;) cant wait to see you and your pictures!!