Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CH168: Surprises 2

So much surprises this week and it's just mid-week!
[Edit: Added another surprise!]

I've booked flights to the UK. CP booked hotels, transpo, etc in the UK for when we go from June 7 (evening flight) till June 22 (arriving in SG). It will have been monetarily depressing had the visa not been approved. And just to clarify, - CP booked ahead but I sent the agreed budget per person over so the money can be transferred to a UK ATM for convenience (and preferred FOREX). So, nobody is paying on my behalf for this vacation :-). hashtagdefensive? LOL.

Fortunately, it has been approved! I was so worried since it's been 19 days since I submitted the application despite there being a disclaimer that it takes a maximum of 15 days (not inclusive of weekends). I rushed walked from my office to the visa center to get my passport and see the results! I noted my hands were shaking a bit as I was cutting the envelope where my passport was put in.

So, with all that has been said and done, the money put out, the time spent on planning, etc etc. I'll be seeing London, going down to Bournemouth and flying up to Edinburgh then taking the scenic route back by train to London! Someone has been telling me that London has got to be one of the best cities - much better than New York (this is of course a biased opinion by CP) - so I'm quite excited to make the conclusion for myself!

Another surprise that came in this week was my tax assessment! I have been checking constantly the tax portal that they have here in SG to see if my tax assessment came out. I was worried that since it's my second year, that the tax will have shot up since there are no more exemptions, etc. But!!! Surprise surprise, I still can't believe that the tax assessment is WAY WAY WAY BELOW what I was getting taxed in the Philippines! Putting it into figures, my tax here in SG is just about 1.5 times the salary I was getting when I first started working.

Dirty Dancing
Last surprise so far into the mid-week, is Dirty Dancing. CP surprised me by telling me that we're booked to watch Dirty Dancing in Marina Bay Sands this coming Saturday (May 25, 2013)!

Other Surprises
Other surprises are in place, my parents are arriving in SG 5 hours before I arrive in SG from London. From a vacation to being a tourist guide! :-) So much to look forward to! Quite unexpectedly, upon getting home from a swim at the gym, lo and behold, another surprise!

The package I ordered from ASOS arrived today while I was in the office! I'm pleasantly surprised that the delivery came not even 1 week since I ordered them! It's just been 5 days!!!!!! Because I'm so elated today, let me share you the underpants I bought! :-))) Too much information? Click for more voyeurism! hahaha

PS: Don't expect to see me wearing them as if to showcase/model them :-))) 

21 sgd for this and the red one.

12.85sgd from ASOS itself. same price for the next ones. not as well fitted as the CK one or the Pringle

on sale for ~33sgd. pleasantly surprised with how well and comfortable it fits (favorite!) lol
My size is XS-S if anyone wants to donate me some underwear :-)

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