Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CH169: What's Been

It has been admittedly quiet here...until...

Aside from being busy preparing for the coming vacation in the UK this Friday, I've also been planning and arranging hotel booking, tour and activities for when my parents visit me in SG. They're arriving 3 hours before my plane lands from London...

This will be the first time my mom and dad will be visiting me since I arrived here in Singapore. Come to think of it, none of my family has visited me since I started working here. :-) Although, my parents did plan to go before (CH35: Panic), but my mom had an accident and had to have surgery and rehab. She slipped on a wet pavement when she was walking our dog and smashed her knee cap #TMI.

So, yes, they'll be visiting SG soonish and it was a bit of a headache drafting their itinerary since consideration has to be made as to make the tour "old-people-friendly." :-)

Saturday Weekend
Over the weekend, CP and I had planned for a relaxed and relatively cheap way to spend the day(s).
Well that was the plan though....but like some plans - that's all they remain as...plans.

We went to the World Street Food Congress last Saturday. It was overall an OK experience, but I wish they could have made it so much bigger. Arrangement wise, I would have preferred that they set up the place in a grid style rather than an L shape layout. But I understand how they wanted a common area where people can stand to eat and drink beer. As a first time, it would suffice. Pictures and items we tried are after the break :-)

Got to meet up quickly with Ange, MKSurf8, Chris and Alex, but since we've been there for almost two hours before they arrived, we were quite full already. I would have thought that there would be Filipino food stalls as what I remember hearing on the radio ad, but maybe they're coming days after as I noted that the Denmark food stall was just to open the week after we went (the event runs for 10 days).

After, we went to Acid Bar in Emerald Hill and met up with other friends while listening to acoustic music.

Sunday Weekend

Sunday was just a lazy day, what's different is just spending the afternoon getting a tan in Sentosa. CP bought a cooler from FairPrice so we put it to use - although we didnt really make good use of it as we didnt bring down anything alcohol after the previous night.
In the evening, I seared some pork and made Yorkshire pudding pancakes (using the mix CP got form the UK), and it turned out well I should say. The porks were cooked beautifully (below picture is not the finished product).

In just 48 hours, we will be flying off to London! I don't feel that excited yet admittedly considering that I'm still waiting for my IPA to be approved in the new employer I'm moving to. Yes, I know, this will be the fourth employ since I arrived in SG (that's a total of 2 years 3/4 months?). It will be a good change and the role is much more strategic and challenging. Hopefully, the IPA gets approved before we fly off that way there's one less problem to worry about.

Usa: Soft shell crab burger 

Thailand: Chao lay - almost finished serving. I just remembered to take a picture after we ate through it! For other dishes, I totally forgot to take any pictures. That's mostly because we were hungry!

Vietnam: Phan rang 38 - one of the more delectable dishes.

India: Bhaskar Mysore - spicy food is not really my cup of tea, but it was full of flavor (and yes, no rice diet was skipped just for this day)

Usa: Smothered chicken - so so

Singapore: Annam aiam - unexpectedly yummy dessert

Indonesia: Nasi kapau - another spicy dish - the slow cooked beef was to die for! too bad it was spicy haha

Singapore: No name cheng ting - i couldnt remember the ingredients but this one had an herbal taste to it but a nice way to clear the palette

Vietnam: Nam bo (Sticky Banana) which had a long queue - but I assume it has to do with the fact that it's the first stall. Yummy but could have been better had they not been in a rush to serve and move the queue quicker


  1. Friend, it was good seeing you last Saturday. =) Have a safe trip, okie? Catchup when you get back.

    Naku, will your Mom be okay standing for almost two hours when and if they do visit the museum???

    1. thanks friend! any specific MB you had in mind to purchase? ill try and get if we happen by a shop.

      hahah my mum will be okay :-) shes done extensive rehab na naman. she doesnt like sitting down cramped more than walking :-)) the museum will be warmup for when we go on a whole day out to zoo sightseeing hahahahah

    2. re: nvm lah. so expensive! haha! unless there's a 50% off sale??!! the re-charge black pepper bodywash is really great. :)

      re: your folks - haha! okie, noted. nervous. haha! :)

      enjoy, okie. :)