Thursday, May 9, 2013

CH166: Surprises

I'm not really good at keeping surprises secret. It's hard to keep calm and not talk about it. The last surprise or secret I managed on keeping was my plans to take up my SAP Certification. I couldn't talk about taking the exam to anybody in case I failed and that would have between deathly embarrassing...

Following my entry CH161: Excessive, I didn't get nor have any plans to travel out of Singapore for May. (CP and I have some vouchers to go to Thailand (Phuket) bought from Groupon but there are still no plans to use them) What I have been pretty quiet and nervous about are the airline tickets I bought to go to UK from June 8-21 (depart June 7, arrive June 22). What's to be nervous about? Well, the fact that I'm still waiting for my visa to be approved! Still can't go full on booking hotels and airfares (like from London to Edinburgh) because of this blockade. Such a hassle coming from a third world country that needs to apply for visa to go to places. How come Americans or Europeans don't get the same inconvenience? Anyway, still hoping the visa gets approved so I can finally relax and plan the vacation with CP full on!

Mother's Day
So, mother's day is coming soon around the corner. I figured, I owe a lot to my mum since I don't really send in remittances or what to help out. She did told me not to bother as she and my dad still works. So as a surprise, I bought her a cake and palabok to be delivered to her office tomorrow. I did a similar gesture for her last tiime on her birthday. When I asked her then what she thought about it, she hinted that the cake I ordered was not enough to share between all her officemates Hahaha! *hint hint* That's why this time around I ordered the palabok extra to be delivered around the time people have their merienda in the Philippines.

American Express
I was quite surprised to have gotten the new AMEX cc (Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend) so quickly. It took 8 days since I expressed my interest in their pop-up booth in ION orchard for them to process the application and send me the new credit card. What's even more surprising was when I called to activate my credit card last night...the credit transfer from my old credit card to the new one happened instantly! And, to add candy sprinkles (lol) to the cupcake, they even gave me a complimentary hotel night voucher in any Millenium hotels and resorts chain and 4 vouchers for SATS premier lounges in Changi and other airports! (Free hotel stay to be used for my Mom and Dad when they visit on June 22-25)

Being on a diet, I surprised myself with the idea of making stuffed bell peppers to get a protein style dinner. I hollowed some bell peppers and just stuffed it with tuna and cheese layered on. Would have been nice had there been an oven to experiment with. Putting it on microwave grill did not really cook through the cheese inside, but nevertheless, it did achieve the goal of having something filling and protein packed - minus the carbs.


  1. That stuffed bell pepper is appetizing. :)

    1. thanks! haha although IMO it could have been better execcuted :-D

  2. Replies
    1. yes haha for June...along with job hunting :-D