Sunday, June 11, 2006

Eveready battery...

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It just keeps on going.

I wish I was like that. This sunday, My mom and I went back to Divi (Tutuban Mall and 168 Mall) just for the sake of going there. Well, of course, we stopped by certain places to have the car checked. =)

Whew! My feet are so exhausted. I hate it! I hate being flat footed! Damn it! I could have gone for more! =p Haay, I am starting to incorporate collared shirts into my wardrobe. =)

If anyone is planning to go there, tag me along! Hehehe, this visit would be my third time there but you can say that I already know my way around. =) Haay, I just love dragging my mom along to this kinds of place. She spends for everything! 

Anyway, today was so hot!

Yesterday though...

Yesterday, Raffy, Gepol and Tipz (me) went to Divi as well to canvass for shirts. Grabe! To the extreme! Lahat kaming tatlo kinakabahan ata na baka kung ano mangyari sa simula. Hehehe. The 3 people you would never have thought venturing out to divi by themselves...but, we did it!

We pulled through!

we all met at Recto station of lrt 2 at about 9 pm then we ventured out to divi. First mistake, we rode a jeepney going to morayta! Damn him! We asked him if he was headed for Divi but he was just all silent. Damn! Well, at least he had the decency to tell us to get off and ride on the proper jeepney. Hehehe, this had to be the first and last time for this day that we got tricked.

When we arrived at divi, the jeepney we rode on took an entirely different path to get to divi. We ended up at 168 mall. Heheh, what a convenience! Then we just toured around the place looking for wholesales. Then we got pointed in a different direction. We headed for the streets were it wasnt really cool (unlike 168). It was hot! Then we started on with the march. Haay...At about 12 something we decided to go back to 168 after we concluded that there was nothing else to canvass. Then we ate there. (3rd floor of 168)

and...My God! The meal I ordered cost me 165. Hehehe, well that was because I ordered a serving of soup. I think it was hot something pork. It was fairly good. Authentic Chinese. Not the kind of soup you taste thinking as if, hey, knorr soup packs taste like this. =)

Anyway, after we were done eating, we proceeded to going around 168 to look for things to buy hehehe. (Side note: If you have a girlfriend with you, 168 will be the place to bring her, in tutuban mall, it's more male friendly because there are more stores that cater to male customers)

Then, after the 168 tour, I ended up buying a flashlight that was EEE23 operated hehehe. Raffy bought himself an umbrella.

Then on the way to where our jeepney's route was, we saw a stand that sold board shirts. hheheeh. Raffy, Gepol and I all bought ourselves 2 shorts.

Then, on the way home, we stopped over at recto. Originally to look for books. But we ended up canvassing for medals, dryseals etc. Haay...but the day wasnt over yet.

We went back to UP. Then after that, we went to Orange Segment to have the tarp printed.  Then we waited till about 6. Well of course, we didnt wait too long there, Raffy and I accompanied Gepol to have his car washed.

haay...of course, in between all of the events mentioned, talks were shared. =)

Haay...but my day wasnt over yet, when I got home, even though I was flat footed and my feet ached...I decided to go jogging! Wheeee!! I jogged 2 rounds of the oval. Hehehe, my mom and dog tagged along. My dog wanted to jog.


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