Friday, May 27, 2011

CH42: Sticky Rice (Letter 2)

I now have had several opportunities to fess it up.
But I couldn't.
It feels so bad to just let out the words and tell you.

We had our conversation, I'm sorry if I was aloof, well, for one matter, I had work I needed to do, and the other, the feeling of being distant - like someone who has a secret they are trying so hard not to let spill.

I wish I could be as honest. But how can I just go on and be honest? Does honesty outweigh the hurt I may inflict on you?

I asked you why you had several videos posted, I did not dig in too much. But I knew and felt that those were hurt songs. One was my favorite song from a month back or so, and the other, from a popular TV show. Both equally endearing, both have brought me to tears.

I think the saltears gave me this pimple.

I didn't want to dig in. You seemed genuinely happy to be talking to me. Like all the hurt on your side was something only I imagined.

Wait. Am I being delusional?