Thursday, May 26, 2011

CH41: Salty

5/26/11 - 1:47 AM

So today after having found out that there was already a born this way revenge (tap tap), well of course, I downloaded it.

And I find myself drawn to the track you and I. I was actually already listening to it the in the office, so I just had to find a way to carry it with me

1. It's been a long time since I came around, been a long time but I'm baack in town, and this time I'm not leaving without you

2. There's something, something about this place, something about lonely nights and my lipstick on your face, there's something, something about my cool Nebraska guy yeah something about - baby you and I

Well, talk about finding a way to pull out. I feel stupid, like an artist having to use music to draw something deep inside I'd rather not elaborate.

But yes, it's deep.
Inspired me to draw on some artistry:

A letter of goodbye

I feel bad for the way that I've acted. I wanted to seem cold so the words won't have to come from me. I figured it will be easier for me to be the one hearing the words rather than me having to say those words.

But I dont want to continue having to cause hurt to others by my actions and inactions.

We may have come across each other at the wrong time. Youre there I'm here. And I have no plans of having to set my roots there. To build something on compromise is such an easy thing to say. But things dont always work with just time and compromise.

I may have been mistaken by having us entered into mutual consent. But no it's not a spur of the moment. In all honesty, whatever has been said was meant.

Victims of distance. That may Just be the two of us. We both had our shortcomings.
We found a companion in each other. But I think it's best if we just go back and stay as friends. Let's consider moving on if and when our paths cross again.

Soon, you will be preoccuppied. I honestly wish to see you succeed and take fortune into your own hands because I have faith that you can Do it. I wouldnt have fallen for you if I didnt get a glimpse of a future with you.

But our paths that have crossed must now diverge. I want to keep whatever we have in memory untainted by whatever harm and words that may come from either of us if this continues.

Hopefully I get to talk to you before you happen to read this. Goodbyes were after all meant to be spoken and not written.

You may wonder when I began contemplating. It was after you wished me the following:
"I hope you find that something - or someone." to which I thought, only someone who's hurting can utter those words. Love can torment so much that we'd rather set our love free. To free them and free ourselves as well from the hurt.


I wonder why God made tears salty? And why letting them out does not hurt the same as when seawater gets into our eyes.

You and I.