Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[Random] Singapore Club Scene

So, for the first time ever, I was able to go out and party with friends without any worries of having the "driver's hat" on. So, party we went!

I can't say though that I got wasted, because, I didn't.

It was also fun getting free drinks care of a DJ friend of a friend. I think, all in all, I got to hop through 3 bars. And I have to say that the experience was very fun. Not much difference with the scenes I have been to in Manila, although, I have to note though that the first two places I went to were a lot smaller than I expected them to be.

The last one, in Clark Quay - Attica, was huge! Although, there were Napis inside as well, and I have to say, that, really, when people say they have BO, they do. Although, I won't generalize, but there was this one person who just went past us, and the stench stood still in the air, and we had to find somewhere else to dance and drink. I had to use an inhaler (Vicks) for nasal congestion to get the smell out and take the dizziness away.

Anyway, I'm blabbing again.

It was fun really. To party without any worry of getting too drunk to drive home, or getting too wasted to be able to get home. Alcohol will keep me sane here in Singapore. Haha.

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