Friday, April 15, 2011

[Review] Adele

So, lately, Adele has been the artist played the most in my Iphone as well as ipod nano when I work out.
I really like her voice. Listening to her reminds me of the time, when I first listened to Amy Winehouse. I hope that Adele doesnt turn out like the latter wreck haha. Such a waste of talent. I only got to listen to Amy Winehouse when I heard about the ravings and the grammys etc. The hook to it was when I read or heard somewhere that Amy's album was recorded as is - no auto tuning or whatever enhancement. And I actually believed it.

Same with Adele, I watched some of her you tube videos already and I can say that, well, she really sounds better live.

The drawback though to listening to her is how it has been affecting my mood. Hahaha, such mellow songs in a foreign country, all alone - well you get my drift. Adele, well, I don't know, there's something about her voice or the way she sings that transcends. It's like, well, I can't say that I have been through all the moments she sings about, but, well, I get affected somehow.

And call it S&M or whatnot, but I'll keep listening until I get tired of it. Hahaha, sometimes when I want to switch up the mood, I listen to Rihanna's album instead. Fancy tunes. S&M.

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